Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Our halloween was a fun day... sadly I didn't get a whole lot of photos. It's not my favorite day of the year but the kids get SO excited about it so I try to go along (if you go back and read every one of my halloween posts, I say the exact same thing.. ha!).  Needless to say I am bummed I didn't get more photos!

The kids were super excited about their costumes. Matthew was Bumblebee the Transformer and Evelyn was Princess Leia (which, by the way, she pulled off beautifully!).

We had fun stopping by Grandma and Grandpa's after school... a halloween tradition. :)

Ready to get candy!
Her hair turned out SO good..and she did it mostly all by herself. So proud of her!
My three favs. 

They all had a fun night trick-or-treating and I was thankful for a non-rainy evening. It was a school night, so we didn't have the kids out too late, much to their dismay! :) They still managed to get plenty of treats that will last for quite a while.

Another halloween in the books!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin Carving

We have had a few busy days of late so we finally got around to carving our pumpkins! We made the kids do most of the work this year... and they did a great job!!

 She isn't a fan of pulling out the insides!

 Matthew "needed" a root beer to get his creative juices flowing..HA!

He made cleaning out the pumpkins as fun as it could be!
 Proud of them for working so hard!

Drawing on the designs...

And, like a good mom, I did NOT get ONE photo of their competed pumpkings... NOT ONE!! Ugh!! Oh well.. they did turn out cute... you 'll just have to take my word for it! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

We finally got a dry day (it has been raining non stop for the past month!) and took advantage of it and headed out to Baggentoes for some pumpkin hunting!

 Ready to head in on a foggy morning

 Silly boys!
 Love this boy!
 Love these two as well!

 Told ya it was foggy!
 I like this one, mom, but it's super heavy and muddy!
 I'll keep it, tho!
 Matthew picked the muddiest pumpkin! :)

 THREE!! We like to play around in the Christmas trees and look for ones we may want to pick when we come back after Thanksgiving.
 Just his size!

Playing on the tractor is a highlight every year!

Another successful trip in the book! Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Fall Photo Shoot 2017

I am glad my kids still allow me to do my Happy Fall pictures.. even tho there is more and more complaining as the years go on...HA!!  We took advantage of a rare sun break after school today and I got some pics of my sweet kids.

Evelyn's shots....she is looking more and more grown up all the time!

Then there is Matthew... who is taller than his sister and full of silliness!!

 He needed me to take a few photos of his "ninja moves" before he would take more "nice" photos! :)

 They really do love each other!

Here are my favorites from the day.....

It is such a blessing to be their mom!

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Big Weekend

We made it thru the first week of school with flying colors and were ready for a weekend to recover! We had super weekend in the sunshine!

This was the weekend of Beaverton's City Parade, an annual event that we all enjoy attending.

 Hopeful for lots of candy! :)
 Our friends the Stenejhems joined us. I am so thankful for good friends for my kids.
 Evelyn's favorite part of the parade was seeing her beloved Mrs. Beltran, her first and second grade teacher!
 We enjoyed playing some basketball while the sun was shining. My kids can shoot, and can beat me in a game of HORSE often! 

 It's apple pick up time! The kids were great help gathering all the rotten apples that have dropped off the tree. They even got creative with a big stick so they could carry the heavy bucket of apples easier! 

Then... this happened. TWO teeth lost.. within 30 minutes!! One front tooth and a bottom tooth! He was so excited. Let the tooth losing season begin!

A great weekend, for sure!