Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Fun Field Trip

Matthew's class took a "walking" field trip to Channing Heights Park (the park right by the school) today. THPRD (our parks and rec in the area) came out and took the kids on an adventure learning about adaptations of plants and animals in our environment. It was SO well done and the kids had such a great time!

My group of kids' guide, Eric, was amazing with the kids. He kept their attention and kept them in line, and was so funny! The kids took to him well and I rarely had to intervene or get a kid back in line. Lots of learning and lots of laughter from this bunch. It was great!

Eric first took the kids on a scavenger hunt of sorts, looking for plants and trees and how they adapt in the environment. It was on this part of the trip that I became very glad we put rubber boots on Matthew for this trip!The park is super muddy this time of year (bad drainage).

Eric then talked about animals and how they adapt. He had animal skins and animal skulls, some of which freaked the kids out a bit. But it was very educational for them and they loved it!

"Let's stroke the beard of ponderment" was Eric's fun way of getting the kids to think about things. The kids thought it was hilarious!

Then Eric moved onto birds and how they adapt. The kids practiced getting food using different tools, just like birds do. 

Besties enjoying their time together!

The kids were sad to have to leave the park and head back to school. It was one of the funnest field trips I have ever been on, and I am so glad THRPD has such great employees who gave these kids such a great experience!


Every year, Fir Grove does a "Donuts for Dudes", a morning to bring your dad or favorite dude, grab a donut and chat with other men.

I have usually helped with this event, and the past couple of years Evelyn has come (super early in the morning) to help serve, also.

This year was another successful event!

Evelyn, Tori and Minley, 5th grade leaders and great helpers!

Matthew always enjoys extra time with Doug, and they both had a fun morning together. 

A fun morning for all of us!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Oregon Battle of the Book 2018

Evelyn did Oregon Battle of the Books again this year. Her amazing team from last year couldn't be together again this year (sad), so she ended up on a team of 2 girls and 2 boys. There was a bit of groaning over this at first, but I think in the end it was such a blessing.

I once again mentored Evelyn's team, the Slinkies, and enjoyed so much watching them learn to work together and be comfortable with one another. The kids go along really well and I think strengthened their friendships thru this program.

Today was the big battle, and my Slinkies were prepared and ready.

A big day calls for the Red Plate! She is SO special!

Ev, Devon, Xavier and Peter
Battling their hearts out!

While the Huckleberry Rubberduckies ended up being the 4th grade champs last year, my sweet Slinkies didn't make it to the 5th grade final. They had REALLY hard questions and fought hard, but it wasn't enough.

What I loved was that even thought they didn't make it as far as they wanted, they were positive, proud, and good sports in defeat. I couldn't be more proud of these four.

Here's to another year of  kids reading, working as a team, and doing their best! Evelyn says she wants to compete in the middle school OBOB, so you haven't seen the last OBOB post on my blog! :)

Yay Slinkies!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Our First (Almost) Broken Bone

Evelyn took a little spill last night. Apparently she was trying to be Shawn White (the Olympic champion snowboarder) and was on one of my larger foam rollers and slipped off. The scream that came from the basement is one you never want to hear, as a parent or otherwise. Then to find your usually overly dramatic 11 year old instead calm but VERY scared and hurting makes you realize this could be sometime big. I got her to the car and off to urgent care we went. Thankfully they got us back quickly.

 Poor baby... pointing to where it hurts. 

They sent her for xrays which were super painful for her and left her in tears. Thankfully they only needed a few pictures. 
 Waiting for the doc to come in with the xray results...

It turns out she thankfully didn't break anything, but had a pretty bad sprain which should get better in the next week or so. They splinted her up pretty good and she has to wear it for at least a week until we see her pediatrician. 
 She's not too happy about it and promises me she will make better choices...haha!!

Thankful she is okay... hoping she heals up quick!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Snow I Didn't Think Would Fall

It is the end of February. I was pretty sure this would be the school year we DIDN'T have any "snow days". After last year's crazy snowfall and all the snow days, I was actually glad for a reprieve.  With the warm and beautiful weather last week, I was sure we were in the clear.

Apparently mother nature had other ideas!! It started snowing early Monday morning and by the end of the week we had one early release, one full snow day, and one late start due to the white stuff! It was a fun time for the kids, and I'll admit I enjoyed it as well!!

 We didn't have a lot of snow on the ground Monday (President's Day.. so no school), but it was pretty and the kids needed to go out and play!

It started to snow Monday night but it was forcasted to just rain after a little bit of snow. The "big" storm was coming Tuesday evening. Well it just would NOT stop snowing Tuesday morning, and the school district decided to get kids home sooner than later to avoid any issues so they ended school at 1015.. a mere two hours into the day. 

I don't take it for granted how fortunate I am to be able to stay home with the kids. When they called school early, I got several texts from friends asking me if I could grab their kids until they could come get them. Thankfully I could say YES! And I headed home with TEN kiddos in tow that morning! 

 I really didn't mind. And these kids are great kids. Truly! I made cocoa to warm them up after our walk home and they all played together really well. 

 By lunchtime I was down to 6 kids. They enjoyed the Olympics on TV and the boys threw a nerf football and wrestled as only they know how! :)

At one point a ball was thrown across the room and it hit a plate of food and sent it flying. All was fine, but at that point it had stopped raining (of course the rain did come and it rained the rest of the day...haha) and I sent the boys outside to play. 

 They made a cute little snowman with the snow that was left!

The snow did indeed come fast and furious Tuesday night and dropped about 2 inches by morning. School was called off for the day and the kids were super excited to go out and play! Being that it is almost spring and the temperatures, although cold overnight, were slated to warm up and probably melt a lot of the snow so we got out early to enjoy it while it lasted. 

We had lot of fun sledding both at home and at the middle school. But indeed quite a bit melted away by afternoon. 

It got below freezing again Wednesday night and more snow came, but since it was forcast to warm up quickly, schools only had a 2 hour delayed start. 

It was beautiful and fun while it lasted, and we made some good memories for sure. But spring is near, so the pretty glow and silence of a snow covered neighborhood will be something we can look forward to hopefully seeing again. NEXT winter..haha!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Spring Music Concert

It's that time of year... Spring Music Concert! This year is a little bittersweet for me as it is Evelyn's final music concert at Fir Grove. It has been a joy to be able to come to every one of her school concert's over the years, and fun to look back  and see how much she's grown!

Kindy 2013

 1st grade 2014

Second Grade

3rd Grade 2015

Sadly I don't have any photos from last year's (4th grade) concert.... I need to look into that..ugh!

And then there is this year...
So. Grown. Up. Sigh...

I'm thankful that Evelyn and Matthew's classes have always had concerts together!

If I am honest, I at times don't look  forward to these concerts. Not that I don't love to see the kids perform, but the concerts tend to run long and it gets really hot in the gym. But.. this year's concert was probably my most favorite concert by far! It was only an hour long, the music was fun, and the gym stayed cool. 

Both kids did so well! Evelyn sang with poise and confidence and with a smile on her face. Her and one of her besties Elle had a duet on their recorders that they performed. They practiced so much for this and they did an amazing job! Super proud of Evelyn and all the 5th graders!

In the past Matthew hasn't been a big fan of performing in front of people. He continues to amaze us with his growth and confidence in so many areas of his life, including performing. He was actually excited about the concert, he smiled and sang with confidence, and he, too, had a special part by playing an instrument for one of the numbers. We are so proud of him!!

Thankful for such good friends for my 5th grader! 

 Sam and Matthew have been buddies since they were 3 and I am so glad they are friends!! 

Grandma and Grandpa Doug came, too!

A fun and enjoyable evening indeed! Great job, kids!!