Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Best Day of My Life" - Matthew's first Duck Game

After my dad passed away in 2002, my sisters and I were committed to keeping his legacy alive. One way was to keep his Oregon Duck season football tickets. The seats are amazing, on the 50 yard line, 30 rows up from the Ducks' bench. Like I said, amazing. But they come with a cost. A big one. So we pretty much always sell our tickets in order to pay for them year after year. We have gone to a few games, but those are few and far between. Matthew, my football lover, has talked about going to a game for a while, but he graciously understands why we can't go every weekend. I have hoped to be able to take him one day, as I knew it would such an amazing experience for him. 

This year our ticket sales are down, and no one had purchased our tickets to yesterday's game against UCLA. So we decided to surprise Matthew and I took him to the game!!!

Heading out! We had a fun drive down. There were a couple of accidents that slowed traffic up but he was a champ and was patient as we headed south. 

Hopping on the shuttle to the stadium. One of the best decisions of the day was to ride the shuttle. 

He could hardly contain his excitement!
Big moment!! He is wearing my dad's favorite Duck hat that was passed onto him. It's old and too big for him, but there was NO way he was going to leave it at home. Oh how my dad would have loved him!
Lots of fun games to play in the Moshofsky center while we waited for the game to start. 
Heading to our seat!
We had this shirt made after dad died to either to wear or to put on his seat.It got lots of sweet comments and I got to share my dad's story with people. It was so fun!
The best view... from our seats! 

So much joy to watch him experience the day....

Another touchdown!! Matthew high fived everyone around us each time. 
"It never rains at Autzen Stadium"... said while I was getting rained on. Loved every minute of it tho!! :) 

The sunset was SO beautiful.. the photo doesn't do it justice at all. 
Matthew was looking foward to watching the Duck to push ups.. and he got see a lot of push ups!!

Ducks win!!!

The shuttle got us back to our car in record time and we made it home by 1030. The whole way home Matthew regaled me with all of his favorite moments from the day. As we were pulling into the driveway, he said, 

"Mom, this was the best day of my life. Thank you so much!"

Oh, son, you are so welcome. What a special, special day with you!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween was different and busy and fun this year. If you know me or have read my blog over the years, you know I am not a huge fan of halloween, but I do try to make sure the kids have fun. 

Here's a low down of our halloween season....

Bodie was not amused with pumpkins in the house. His face says so much..haha!

Daddy is always willing to help!

Her original idea for her pumpkin didn't work, so she got to have fun with power tools to do something different. :) 
Evelyn's pumpkin got yucky quickly so I didn't get a photo of it, but here is Matthew's! :) 

Evelyn didn't want to wear a costume to school but she surprised me by wearing the halloween clip my friend Holly made her when she was almost two! It was so fun to see it and it brought back lots of fun memories for me, as she wore this clip to the pumpkin patch every year for years!!

I helped with Matthew's class' halloween party. 

The third grade teachers were "rock, paper and scissors". Mrs Serrao was scissors. So cute!

Our church had a harvest party this year ON halloween and Evelyn and some other girls in youth group decorated an office and handed out candy to kids who came thru to trick or treat. Her and her best friend Juliet were fruit... and their costumes turned out so cute!
My favorite strawberry and Duck fan!

The girls had a hawaiian theme. This photo doesn't show all the decor.. but it turned out really cute!
Friends since birth!

Matthew's buddy Owen came with us to the Harvest Party and he and Matthew had a fun time!
The fun continued when we got back home and the boys went trick or treating for almost 2 hours. Crazy kids!
Sorting his loot... SO much candy!
Since his sister didn't go trick or treating, he willingly split his candy with Evelyn which was super thoughtful. 

Another halloween in the books... a fun time for my kiddos for sure!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Red Berry Barn

Since our beloved Baggenstoes Farm closed last year, we needed to find a new pumpkin patch. I really hoped to find one on our side of town that offered a similar simple but fun experience as Baggenstoes did. After lots of searching and asking around, there were very few choices. We settle for the Red Berry Barn, right outside Sherwood. 

This place was geared towards the littler kid crowd, but our kids still found things to do that they enjoyed. We probably won't go back, but we still had a fun time. 

He makes most adventures fun!
Apparently this place is known for their pumpkin donuts. So of course, we had to try them. They certainly did not disappoint! So yummy!!

There was a corn maze, but it was quite a lot of money, so we asked the kids if they'd be okay going by themselves. (We had heard it was a pretty simple maze). They both were excited to go on their own.. and off they went!
They did it!! :) It didn't take them very long and they said it wasn't as good as Baggenstoes (theirs was HUGE) but they also said they had a fun time. 
My three favorites....
Love her...
If you only knew how long it took and how much fussing was involved in getting this photo....

Yep.. we certainly don't have it all together, but together we have it all!