Friday, August 24, 2018

A Day of Fun

The kids and I went to the Family Fun Center in Wilsonville today as a "last hurrah" before school starts on Monday. We won free passes in a school raffle and put those to use. We had the best time! We had never been before, and didn't realize how amazing this place it! From mini golf to lasertag to a ropes course to a go-kart track to an arcade... they have so much to do!!

Mini-golf was first up for us...

This girl got a hole in one on the third hole!
We see this castle from the freeway and the kids were so excited to see it up close. :) 

I think we spent most of our time riding in the go-karts. Oh my goodness the kids LOVED doing this! My back didn't like it as much so I watched them most of the time.. but the couple rides I did do were SO fun!

Zip line fun.. Matthew didn't want to do this one! 

We got soaked on the bumper boats.. Matthew LOVED it. Evelyn and I.. not so much..haha!

My adventurous girl LOVED the ropes course!!

.....and Matthew took selfies instead of taking pics of me and his sister..haha!!

Arcade fun.

So thankful for this great day with my kiddos. We will go back to this place again for sure!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bodie James

At the end fofMay, our beloved and crazy Naomi Jane went missing and never came home. We miss her terribly and still wonder what happened to her. We have been grieving her as well as can be expected.

After Sam died, it took a couple of years for us to be ready for a new kitten. I wasn't sure how long it would be before the kids started asking for a new kitty. To my surprise at the beginning of the month, both kids started asking when we could get another one. I told them usually spring is when you can find kittens for free (we were NOT going to buy one.. even the shelter ones cost money) so we probably would have to wait until next year.

About 3 weeks ago I got a text from my sister asking if we wanted a free kitty. A friend of hers had one that needed a new home quickly due to unforeseen circumstances. It wasn't what we had planned but it just seemed right. He came home to us on the 6th and we love him already.

Of course, finding a name was top priority. His previous owner just called him kitty and baby. After lots of discussion we settle on Bodie James. It fits his cute face and personality.

He is just the cutest thing with the cutest face!

One of his favorite activites so far is to watch the kids play with hot wheels. He is fascinated with them!

He loves this little mouse too..
The kids and Doug made this amazing cat perch for Naomi soon before she went missing. Bodie thinks it's fantastic and spends lots of time up there. With hot wheels cars...haha!
Living his best life.... He loves this window sill, watching the world go by.
Cat Sequence.. his favorite game.. haha!
Doug is pretty smitten with him!

He sleeps like this sometimes.. hilarious and cute!
This is another of his favorite spots.. and I'm not sure why. Silly boy...

We love him already and are sure to have many fun memories made with our Bodie James. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Springwater Park

After lots of hazy and smokey days due to wild fire smoke, we had a beautifully clear day today and we headed out to a new park I have heard about over by where both Doug and I lived when we were dating. Springwater Park in near Multnomah Village has lots of cool climbing things and the kids had fun checking in out!

The kids said it was a very "ninja warrior" type park and want to go back again sometime. I am glad they still like to play at parks and this one is a gem we will return to for sure!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Doug's Birthday

We celebrated our favorite guy today!! With a busy weekend and Matthew having practice tonight, we didn't get to do our usual "go out to dinner for dad's birthday" tradition. But we made sure he had a good day... and had a little party after Matthew got home.

Happy Happy Birthday Doug! You make life fun. You make life better. We love you!!