Saturday, March 7, 2020

Music Man

Last year, when auditions were happening at Highland for the spring musical, Evelyn was hesitant and nervous, even tho she really was excited about it. She ended up not auditioning but she said she was definitely trying out next year. 

Fast forward to this fall. Auditions for "Music Man, Jr." were announced and although nervous, she was brave and went and tried out. They had more people auditioning than they needed for the show, so Evelyn wasn't sure if she would even get a part. 

The following Monday they posted the cast list. Evelyn texted me when she got to school, "Mom, I GOT  A PART!" She was so excited! 

Rehearsals began before holiday break and the kids all worked SO hard to get ready for the show, which opened on Thursday. 

I didn't get a lot of photos of her performing.. this seriously is one of about 4. Sigh...

Evelyn had a lot of fans who came to see her in the show on opening night...


Both sets of grandparents...
Great Aunt Mary
Ellie. She came to all the shows to support Evelyn!
Our beautiful girl...
My sister couldn't make it to the show, but she sent her flowers from Idaho to show her love and support.

The next 3 shows she had more fans come see her perform. 



One last pre-show warm up and pep talk before the final show...Mrs. Kuechle the director did such an amazing job with these kiddos to produce an amazing show.

We are so proud of her!

Fun with friends at the cast party after the final show!

So thankful for this opportunity Evelyn had to perform. She is looking forward to next year's show!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

OBOB 2020

Another year of Oregon Battle of the Books is a wrap!! Matthew was SO excited about OBOB this year and he started reading books last summer to get a good start on the 16 books on the list.

He and some friends had planned to be on a team together, and in all honesty they would have CRUSHED the competition. Sadly it didn't work out that way (the lead of our school's program wanted to have more equitable teams so she separated the boys). Matthew was devastated, as was I (I was looking forward to mentoring such a great group of boys).

BUT... after some tears and lamenting, he picked himself up and decided he was going to do his best, be a leader on his team, and have fun. And he did all of those things... we couldn't be more proud of Matthew for how he dealt with this disappointment. 

I was his team's mentor and like with other teams I had the kids over before holiday break for some team building and some gingerbread house making. It's always a fun way for the kids to connect. 

The house turned out fantastic!

The kids worked so hard to prepare and they were ready for battle day! I didn't take many photos as I was helping with scoring, but I am SO proud of these four!! Matthew, Catherine, Elizabeth and Ella did such a great job. They all were upset to not get passed the first round, but I reminded them how far they came and how hard they worked and that they should be proud. 
Matthew was still upset the rest of the day, but he still got the Red Plate at dinner. 

It was hard for him, but also a good lesson about disappointment and moving on from disappointment. He is already planning for next year and he and his buddy Xavier already know they will be on the same team! :) 

Another OBOB season in the books. Next year will be our last. Bittersweet, but I have lots of fun memories to take with me after Matthew's final OBOB competition next year! :) 

Monday, February 10, 2020

Shell's Visit/My Birthday

Michelle, Eric, Abby and her friend Ani came over from Idaho this weekend. Abby and Ani wanted to go prom dress shopping and They had tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen and the Keller downtown. It also happened to be my birthday yesterday.. so it was fun to have them here for that! :) 

We had fun dress shopping. This lovely lady found the perfect dress!!

Cousin time!

My sister surprised me and let ME have her Dear Evan Hansen ticket for Saturday night!! I was so excited to go see this show... I LOVE the music!

Eric... Abby and Ani's personal shlepper...haha! He was a good sport and it was fun to hang out with him for the evening!

Love her!

Amazing seats for an amazing show!

While I was gone at the show Michelle and the kids made signs and decorated the kitchen for my birthday (which was the next morning)

Super thoughtful and sweet!

We went to our fav mexican place for dinner..Pepita's
Their margs are the best in town!
...and I got to wear the fun birthday sombrero! :)

It was a super fun birthday weekend with my favorite people!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year's Day 2020

We spent New Year's Day at mom's house and watched the Ducks WIN the Rose Bowl...woohoo!!!

Happy Happy!!
There were plenty of these kind of moments throughout the game... but both Matthew and I LOVED watching it!!

Doug's sister Louise was in town and her and Evelyn made her famous crab cakes. She worked with Evelyn to make gluten free ones, too. 

They were delicious!! 
Louise also brought Evelyn these beautiful earings. We love her and so thankful for how she loves us!

It was a fun day for sure. Go Ducks! Happy New Year!! Be good to us, 2020!!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Beach Trip to see the Johnson's

My sis and Eric's family were at the beach this week so the kids and I drove over to Lincoln City for the day to hang out with them. 

The beach is truly our happy place!

Matthew loved hanging with Uncle Eric.. and Stella of course!
Abby doing what she does best...haha! Love her!
Evelyn and her beloved Aunt Michelle...

Love these people so much!!
Silly kids..
Helping with a mega puzzle..

We wish we could have stayed longer but so enjoyed our time with the Johnson family!!