Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Woes of Bodie James

I got home from a meeting the Monday evening of Halloween week and Evelyn mentioned that Bodie seemed to have gotten into some sap or something because his back was sticky. Having cats in the past who have done this I didn't think much of it.

Over the next few days we realized it wasn't sap..it seemed Bodie had hurt himself. He wouldn't let us touch him and seemed painful in his back. After a few days I actually felt a bump of some sort on his back and he completely freaked out when I touched it. So off the vet we went. It was Halloween day.

Turns out our crazy cat got into a fight, either with a raccoon or a coyote, and had a huge abscess. :( He needed minor surgery to put in a drain.

 Waiting to see Dr. Koller. He really didn't feel well, as he never snuggles like this. 
 Poor buddy... Dr Koller said he was quite ill (he even had a fever) and it was good that we brought him in. 
 Totally not amused!
 After getting his cone of THREE times, we got some kitty downers in him. They totally spaced him out... like this photo.. but after a bit he turned crazy! Sigh... I told him I was NOT sharing my wine with him..haha!

Needless to say the next 2 weeks or so were trying to keep him calm and keep him inside, two things this cat does NOT like. The first two days were brutal.. he was freaking out and kept trying to get his cone off. The kitty downers made him even more crazy and I got maybe 2 hours of sleep that first night. (I slept downstairs to keep close watch).

Bonding at 1AM.. one of the rare times he slept that first night. I took the cone off and he passed out! Poor baby!

Thankfully some friends let us use their large dog crate and that ended up being a huge lifesaver, as he could be confined at night (i was still close and would take him out to eat and/or use the little box if he needed).
 Evelyn made a sign for his crate...haha!

He actually really liked the crate.. and for that we were so thankful!
 He still wanted outside desparately.. and would stand and howl at the back door as often as possible. 

 We put one of our end tables in front of the living room window and put a bath mat over it to make a perch for him to watch the world go by. He totally loved it!

Waving thru a window....

He got his drain out after 5 days, but had the cone for 8 more days. He drove us nuts with his constant howling and whining, but we did what we could to help him get thru those days.

 We gave him extra cone free time (with supervision of course)
 Oh how he wanted to go outside...
 When he sleeps on your lap you know he is either not feeling great or wanting something. In this case I think it was both!
Big brother giving him a pep talk!! 

He finally got the all clear from the vet yesterday and has so enjoyed frolicking around outside again.

He was SO happy to be outside again!

We have decided to not let him out at night any more, much to his dismay. But it's for his own good. And for the good of our pocketbook!!

Hoping he stays out of trouble.. but know that is wishful thinking!! Crazy Bodie James!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019


Here's a look at our Halloween happenings..

Pumpkin carving is a very serious business for Matthew!!
And can you believe I didn't get any photos of the pumpkins? GAH!!

Youth Group Wednesday. The girls all wore animal onesies. It was so cute!!

Love my Chewie!
...and my Tay Tay

Chewie and Taylor Swift ready for candy!!

We had our friends the McKendry's and the Stenehjem's over for dinner and trick or treating. We've never done that before and we had the BEST time! We certainly will do it again!

Jello brains! :) 

All the kids heading out!
Sorting the loot.. the best part of the night!

Thankful for good friends to share the fun night with!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Fall Football

Our last flag football game was today. It has been such a fun season for Matthew and the "Banana Ninja's" The boys grew so much as players and friends, and had the best time every week, win or lose. And they did win quite a bit.. which was super cool as well.

Here are some memorable photos from the season:
After our very first game. We won!! Matthew Sam and Myles all played on the team last year.. and never won a game. They were over the moon excited to win today.. and they earned it fair and square! So glad Cannon could join the team this year too! 

 He won the sportsmanship award!

So.. practicing for one game he got tripped up by his team mates and fell.. head first onto concrete. He also injured his foot. He still was a trooper and wanted to play in the game. He made it one play but realized his foot hurt too badly. 

 Nice goose egg. Don't worry.. concussion protocol was used. Thankfully he was totally fine in that regard. His foot, tho.. was another story.

He couldn't put weight on his foot at all so we headed to the doctor the next morning. Got an xray and all that stuff. 

 A bad sprain led to him missing the next game.. much to his dismay. But he did heal up enough to play in  his last game. 

 Defense team 1 ready to go in and grab some flags!
 My boy doing his thing!

Great season, Banana Ninjas! So proud of these boys who grew so much as a team and played their hearts out every game. Thankful for coaches Andrew and Eric who invested into these boys as well! Looking forward to spring ball!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Idaho and Senior Night

Evelyn and just got back from a fun road trip to Lewiston. My niece Abby is a senior (gasp!) and is the drum major in the Lewiston High Marching Band. She's a pretty big deal in my book, and since Friday night was senior night and she was going to be recognized, I wanted to be there to support her and cheer her on.

 My favorite traveling buddy! She is so fun and I am thankful for time with just the two of us!
 We arrived and were immediately outfitted with Lewiston High gear to wear to the game! 
 Love her so much.. and know she is gonna do great things!

 It was fun to see our favorite puppy Stella and meet Sebastion, the Johnson clan's new kitty. So cute.. both of them!
I wanted to bring a poster to hold up at the game to support Abby. My creative and amazing Evelyn came up with this. It was perfect.. she is so talented!

 Yep.. I was crying in this photo. Love Abby dearly and it has been a joy to watch her grow up. I love being her aunt!
 Are you done taking pictures, Aunt Stephie? :) 
 It was so cold.. but we had fun at the game! Love this one with all my heart!!
 Abby doing her things during the first half. 

Halftime came and it was time to honor the seniors...

 Abby and her amazing momma!!
 The Bower/Johnson clan, minus Curtis

My "baby girl" (that's what I have always called Abby) doing her thing. So proud of how hard she works and know she is going to do great things!! She has offers to WSU, UofI,and Boise State.. she'll make her decision soon!

 Waiting in the rain Saturday morning to watch Abby and the band Marching in the parade 

 So wet!!! But so proud!
 Heading to the Kibbie Dome to watch the band perform with the Vandal band. SO cold.. it was snowing!
 Abby it the first in line to go out onto the field 
 There they go. Such a cool performace!
 Got back to Lewiston in time to see our Ducks beat the Huskies!! WOOHOO!

It was a quick trip, but such a fun trip. So good to see my sis and her family, and to celebrate my niece.