Sunday, December 1, 2019

Matthew's Football Party

Today was the big day!!  Matthew's party day! He as been SO excited for his football party!

We rented out an indoor field and had 12 boys come to run some drills and play a game of flag football. 

He was so excited to see his name on the board!

Party room all set up, complete with football cupcakes Matthew designed himself! :) 

My big 10 year old (tomorrow!!)

Doug and I dressed for the big event! :) 

Love this family of mine!!

Thankful that our friend Andrew was willing to help Doug with the boys. 

We did some drills first to get the boys warmed up...

Evelyn and Ellie hanging out while the boys play! 

After warms up we got into teams to play a game

I love this boy!

End of game huddle.. the boys had a blast!!

Time for cupcakes and presents. Matthew was so blessed by his amazing (and very silly )friends!!

Grant (with a photobomb by Joel)

Myles (with a Kenji photobomb)
These boys...
JJ (with several photobombers...haha)
I found this on my phone tonight....haha. Love these two!

Hanging out with all  his loot after we got home!
Tired referee.... 

So fun to celebrate our boy! So crazy to think that he is TEN tomorrow!! 

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2019

We had quite the adventure getting our tree today, and are thankful we ended up with a tree by the end of the day!!

Heading out!

We found Loch Lolly tree farm last year and were looking forward to going back this year.
Annual "getting boot on sitting on the truck" photo! :)

Sadly the selection of trees was very small and we really struggled to find a tree big enough. But we had fun stomping around.
We found a tree that we basically "settled' on but the stump was too big so that one didn't work either. We all were so disheartened. We decided to take a lunch break and try another farm. 

We had a fun time and much needed time to get back into the Christmas spirit! And to find another tree farm to try and find a tree!

We decided on a Schmidlin Farms in Banks. I actually started to cry when we drove many beautiful and big trees! It was hard to pick just one!! We were so happy!
Love these faces!
Found the one!!
Matthew insisted on getting a photo of me! :)
Love this lumberjack!:) 
The kids were a big help
...and silly!

Evelyn and Matthew took turns helping Doug carry the tree to the baler. 

Getting all wrapped up!
Setting up the Little People Nativity

My little elf... 

Love decorating with these two!
After we decorated, we watched our first Christmas movie of the season... Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Time around the tree before bed...
All is calm, all is bright!!

Yay for Christmastime!