Monday, December 31, 2012

Aunt Michelle's Visit and the last of the Christmas Happenings...

My sister and the kids came a couple of days after Christmas to spend a long weekend with us. We were so excited to have them come!

But first... Matthew had to try out his new wheels while we waited for them to arrive!

Proud boy.,.. he did so good. I think he will be riding better than his sister this summer!

After waiting "allllll dayyyyy" as my kids said, Michelle and the kids finally arrived! Abby was excited for Evelyn and Matthew to open their Christmas gifts. Ev and Matty were excited, too!

PUPPETS! I think this might be the "favorite" of the year. They have already spend HOURS playing with them!! Thanks Shell!

It wouldn't be an "Aunt Michelle" visit without a trip on MAX to Voodoo donuts!!

Enjoying the ride!
Shell and Abbers

They love their aunt very much!


Both my kids LOVE Christmas lights. This year, in particular, Matthew has been really enjoying them, "Wow, Momma... looka dos Cismas liis" was heard multiple times this season. We surprised them by taking them (and Michelle and kids) to Peacock Lane. Needless to say, they are STILL talking about it!

We spent Saturday and mom's hanging out all together. Mom once again had great food!

They love their Grandpa Doug.. especially when he is holding the chex mix...haha!

Sadly Michelle and the kids headed home Sunday. We took the tree/decorations down that afternoon. It is always so sad to do that, but it also makes me excited to celebrate again next year!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at Mom and Doug's

After Matthew woke up (actually I think all of us slept a bit!) we headed over to my mom's for Christmas dinner and more fun!

My mom always has a pretty table!

Do you know what this is? Yorkshire Pudding!! My mom grew up with it but never made it for us growing up. It was the first time having it.. and it was DELICIOUS! We also had the most amazing prime rib, potatoes, veggies and bread.. a super yummy meal for sure!

Me and the baby sister being silly!

Tierney girls with their yummy drinks (thanks Doug!) and wishing Michelle was there with us!

Buddy boy... sweet face!!

Excited kiddos gathered around the tree!

Cole was super excited about this!

We had a super fun time over at moms and it was hard to get the kids to come home! We came home, got the kids into their jammies, and Matthew says,  "I want to sit on my bike one more time before bed!"
And so he did. 

Merry Christmas to all.. and to all a good night!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning Magic

There is something so special, so magical about Christmas morning. The anticipation, the excitement, the joy. I absolutely love it, and having kids has made it exponentially more so!

Even though we were up late on Christmas Eve and the kids had a hard time winding down (Christmas WAS the next day, after all!!), I heard Evelyn up at around 6am. We had left the Christmas lights on in her room overnight (we usually turn them off when we go to bed, after she is alseep) and I could hear her giggling. Time to get up!!

First picture of the day... happy smiling girl ready to get up!!

Since we had some 'issues' with Matthew and the presents this year(meaning he started opening them up.. even ones that weren't his!), we put them away until Christmas morning. Both the kids were happy to see all the gifts under the tree when they headed to the living room!

Ready to get started!!

Doug found 'Cracker Jacks' for their stockings.. it was a hit!

Evelyn specifically asked for new markers this year and was happy to find them in her stocking!

A pomegranate!! Her favorite!

A mango and M&M's = happy boy!

The kids were excited to have daddy open their gifts to him!

Her first "big girl" Bible!!

"Key Cars".. got a good tip from my friend Abby about these.. and he LOVES them!!

Matthew's "big" gift this year was a new bike!! He was pretty happy about that!

EXACTLY what she wanted!!

A parts washer for Doug... he is pretty excited about that!

After opening gifts we had some yummy cinnamon rolls and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. He is the BEST gift!!

Time to play....

Matthew really enjoyed helping daddy put together his bike!

Napping with one of his new toys. Love him!

Having "quiet time" and reading a new book!

It truly was a magical morning.. and the day was just getting started!