Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day weekend means at least one thing at our house... "cleaning the rocks"! We head to my dad's grave and to Doug's family's gravesites to spruce up and put flowers on the headstones. Evelyn has called the headstones "rocks" since she could talk. Matthew now calls them that too! 

Here's a snipit of our time visiting those who have gone before us...

My nephew Mitchell (a Cub Scout) put the flag on Dad's grave again this year. We don't get up to his grave much, but when we do, we like to make it look nice!

Oh, how they would have loved him!!

Matthew looking for flowers to water!

He made sure "Grandpa in Heaven" had well hydrated flowers!! HA!

In Dallas, Doug's Aunt Mary, Evelyn, and cousin Greg heading to the family plot.

Greg and Evelyn were such good helpers.. and are good buddies, too!!

Taking it all in....

Hey.. I know how to do this!

He watered TONS of flowers and headstones.. it was pretty funny!

My father-in-law... I think he is pretty great!!

Cuzzies and Buddies!! :)

After we left Dallas cemetery we went to an organic goat farm across the street. They were giving out free ice cream cones (made with goat milk, although you would never know!). Apparently this farm stock at New Seasons and Whole Foods. They were so nice and gave us a impromtu tour and let us get up close with the goats. It was a highlight for all of us!!

Chickens were just randomly walking around!

Feeding a goat.. trying to be brave! Love her face!

Matthew was in heaven!

Another fun Memorial Day weekend under our belt. Thankful for those who have served and do serve so we can live in a free country!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peru Crew

Both Doug and I had the amazing priveledge to be able to travel to Peru on a short term mission trip with our church's singles ministry. I went in '96, Doug in '98. Both trip were incredible and the relationships with the people there as well as our teams remain very special to us both.

One of the full time missionaries that we worked with over there was Cynthia Sundman. She is an amazing woman of God and has such a heart for the young women of Peru. It was an honor to work beside her and is always so great to see her when she is in town on furlough. She is currently home and so we got together with some of Doug's team this weekend to see Cynthia and celebrate her 25 (yes, 25) years serving in South America.  Thanks, Colleen, for opening up your beautiful home for us to get together!

 Our kids were the only kids there, but they were quite amused and entertained by Buster Brown, Colleen's dog. 

They couldn't stop laughing and playing with him.. it was pretty sweet!

 Chillaxin' in the chaise!

 Pretty girl....

 Crazy monkey... 

 Mike and Steve, the BBQ kings! 

 Lori and Paul... such fun people!

 Sweet Deb and Lori... the "Thelma and Louise" of Portland! 

 Doug and Richard chatting

This group can NOT take a "posed" picture.. alway silly, all the time! :)

A lovely time with lovely friends, indeed!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Water Fight

 Last week when it was hot we went over to Jody's place while she was planting her summer flowers and her garden. One of the things the kids know how to do well at Jody's house is use the hose and the watering can. We are usually in charge of the watering duties in the summer when Jody travels, and the kids do a great job helping me keep her plants alive! So they helped Jody water her new stuff!

 Matthew ready to water... just not sure what! 

 Evelyn working hard!

 Jody helping them water the mailbox flowers.. you have to do that in the street so they need some help.

After watering, Jody decided to start spraying them with some water from the hose. Well, let's just say it got crazy from there!!

 Evelyn got the hose and returned fire...

 Run Jody Run!

 Wrestling match!

 "I'll help, sissy!"

 Jody wins!!

 Run kids run!!

 Oh, boy.. what's coming next?

 "One more time, JoJo!!"

 ..and she obliged!!

We love you, Jody!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cubbie Graduation

 Evelyn finished up her second year of AWANA last week. She now leaving the realm of Cubbies and heading up to Sparks, the next level of club. We are so thankful for this amazing ministry and how it has helped in planting God's word into Evelyn's heart, and she is SO excited to be wearing a RED vest starting next year! HA! Award night was lots of fun, especially for the kids.

 Evelyn's friend Heidi has been in her small group for the entire time. We actually go to church with them, too! We love this sweet girl and her family and enjoy the Wednesdays when she comes for the afternoon to play and have dinner with us before club!

 Commander Stone.. he is absolutely amazing and has such a heart for kids to know Jesus. 

 Singing with the whole group!

 After the large group program, the kids went to their small group rooms. Matthew decided to be a Cubbie for a night and plopped himself into one of the kids chairs. The other kids seemed to think that was fun so we let him stay.

 He had a great time, too! 

 Evelyn's small group teacher, Autumn. She is amazing and we are so thrilled that she is heading to Sparks with the kids next year!!

 Evelyn getting her certificate and her awards. We are so proud of her!

 Heidi and her loot! 

Checking it all out!!

Evelyn is sad that club is done for the summer. She will miss staying up late on Wednesdays.. haha!! We look forward to next year and what God will do in her life thru this amazing ministry!