Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First's First "First Day of School"

It's official. I have a kindergartener!! I have to admit that as I sit here writing this, it still seems surreal. How can it be? Today (well, the past few actually) have been emotionally exhausting  for me, and probably for all of us, but overall it was a really good day. For that, I am thankful!

Let's start with last night. Her teacher gave her special "seeds of learning" that she was to put under her pillow. Mrs. Pearson said she would dream of fun days ahead at school.

This morning she said, "Mom.. those seeds didn't work! I had good dreams, but not about school!" Oh well.. the idea was fun and at least she had good dreams!

Evelyn picked out her outfit a couple of weeks ago and has been SO excited to wear it. It is actually a hand-me-down dress. SO thankful for precious friends who give us their cute clothes! She also got new black shoes. She has hated the fact that I made her wait until today to wear them. She looked so pretty and so "school girl". I love her!

Matthew gave sissy big hugs before we left.. he is so sweet!!

Momma and her baby girl.. all grown up!

 If you look closely at the picture, you will see us wearing matching bracelets. My mom got them for us a couple of Christmases ago. Evelyn remembered them this morning and asked if we could wear them today. Um... YES!!!. 

We had one of our favorite babysitters come hang out with Matthew and get him down for his nap while Doug and I took Evelyn to school. 

   Matthew had on his backpack, too. No pants, of course, but he's got his backpack. Silly boy!!

Evelyn and I made Mrs. Pearson a special "Apple Pie Carmel Apple". Not my idea.. borrowed it from my friend Alli... but it was a hit with her teacher.. who I LOVE by the way!
 I had hoped to get a picture of Evelyn with the gift, but we almost forgot to get it out of the fridge so the only picture I got of it was in the car. Oh, well. Mrs. Pearson thought it was very sweet!

Doug took the day off to be a part of Evelyn's special day but mostly to support me, as he knows this day was a very bittersweet one for me! He is the best!!

 Evelyn was pretty excited to have daddy come to school with her, too!!

 My big, sweet, beautiful girl!!

We got into school and had her hang her backpack up. Instead of having all of the parents in the classroom, Mrs. Pearson had all the kids say goodbye outside of the class then sit against the wall until she led them into class. With 29 kids (sigh...) she really wants to keep things in order. She is gonna be great! 

 Her own hook... 

 Waiting patiently...

Yesterday was a tough day. I cried a lot and was really meloncholy about the events that were to come. Today, tho, Evelyn was so excited and I made it a point to keep my emotions in check until we saw her off. I was pretty proud of myself for keeping it together. That final goodbye, tho.. sheesh. That was TOUGH. I had a few tears, I admit, but I was strong.  The minute I walked away, tho, I was a mess. Thankfully I wasn't the only mom who was in tears. It was nice to commiserate with others who felt similar!!

During the time Evelyn was gone, I didn't do much. Except think about her and pray for her. I think I will do that a lot!

The time passed quickly and Matthew, Doug and I walked up to school to pick Evelyn up. 

 I thought she was looking for me...

 Nope. Not me.. she was looking for her brother. She missed him.. this was a pretty sweet moment!

 All smiles on the way home!

We got home and chatted about her first day. Her "favorite" thing was story time (of course!). Mrs. Pearson read one of her favorite books, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". Her least favorite thing? Having to walk from her class "all the way to the other end of the school".(for pick up when class was done). "It's, like, a super long way!" I'll take that for a "least favorite"!!

 Enjoy her first "after school snack".. puffy chips and twizzlers! 

 Talking to her cousin Cole, who also started Kindergarten today! She actually made many phone calls to friends and family who wanted to hear about her day!

 I made her one of her favorites for dinner. Jumbalaya and corn bread. Yum!

After dinner we all went for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful evening. The kids were extra silly tonight! 

 "We're in jail!"

 We saw this momma and baby squirrel.. so sweet!

 Me and my monkey watching kids practice football. 

 My other monkey! 

And my favorite shot of the day.... 

Really, buddy?

So,  I am okay. The adventure now begins. I am sure gonna miss her, even if its only 2.5 hours. But Evelyn had a fun day and is excited to go back tomorrow. I guess that's all that matters. 

Here we go!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

And I'll be there....

My Dearest Evelyn Joy,

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days of your life so far. Your first day of school. Ever! I am so glad you are so excited about kindergarten and that you really like Mrs. Pearson. I know this will be such a special year for you!!

You will have to forgive mommy if I am a bit teary and as daddy and I send you on your way tomorrow. While I am also excited about this new chapter in your life, it means that another chapter has to end. A chapter that I have cherished these past 5 and a half years.

Our friend Miss Janet (who has big kids and who is very wise) has told me on more than one occasion that this is what daddy and I have raised you to do.. to GO. To go learn and grow and become all that God has for you. This is one of the first steps in that process. I know you are ready.. I have known for a while that you are ready. But for mommy, it's a tough one. But it is they way it is supposed to be...

I have been praying that we have prepared you enough for this. Praying that you will be safe and not be nervous or scared. Praying that Mrs. Pearson can see your strengths and weaknesses and use those to make you a better student. Praying that you find friends and that you are a good friend in return. Praying that you stand up for what is right, that you shine the light of Jesus for all of your class to see. Praying that you just love school. Praying.. and leaving it in God's hands... well, trying my best to anyway!

Remember the song from the Veggie Tale "Rack, Shack and Benny" that always makes me tear up? Well, it is because the words are ones I knew I would sing to you one day. And tomorrow is the day!

Think of me every day
Hold tight to what I say
And I will be with you
Even from far away

Know that where ever you are
It is never too far
You just think of me
And I'll be there

I remember the day you were born I actually thought about this day, the day you would start school. It seemed so far away then. Yet here it is. 

I am excited for you. I am proud of you. I am cheering for you. I am praying for you. I love you so very much, baby girl!

And I'll be there....

Love, Momma