Sunday, July 24, 2016

Evelyn's First Movie/Red Carpet Fanfare

Last spring, Evelyn was invited to be in a movie! Her best friend Ellie's dad was interested in making a movie depicting the stories his dad told him and his brother growing up. The stories told of the "Stenehjem Detective Agency" where Andrew (Ellie's dad) and brother would solve mysteries. Of course, Evelyn was more than happy to participate, playing the part of the "rich cat lady who loses her cat". After lots of hours making and editing this short film, Andrew finished it and he and his lovely wife Jenn had a "Red Carpet Event"  and movie premier for all those involved making the movie

There was a movie poster made for each of the kids... so cool!
Evelyn and Ellie... so thankful for their friendship!
The Stenejhem's had a red carpet and all the works set up for the party. Andrew interviewed each actor/actress as they walked the red carpet! :)

My movie star! :)

All the kids signed one of the movie posters

Tori... one of the other kids in the movie...enjoying her moment in the spotlight! :)

Jenn and her youngest Ivy.. Jenn is a treasure!

All the kiddos. Matthew has a small part in the next installment of "Stenejhem Detective Agency" so he got in the photo, too!" The movie turned out so good and we are so grateful for all the work Andrew put in to make this short film possible!

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Week to Remember... the Tierney/Bower/Johnson Wedding

We just returned from the most amazing week in Coeur D'Alene celebrating the wedding of my sister Michelle and my new brother-in-law Eric. While I have to admit we all were pretty tired when we got home due to all the crazy fun we had, we are so thankful and grateful for such an incredible time away in a most beautiful place!!

I have to say, even if I am a bit bias, that my kids are total rock stars. They endured an 8 hour drive there and back, 5 super busy days helping with wedding prep (and playing a lot too), staying up way late (for them) every night, and did it all with such great attitudes. I am so proud of them!

I also need to say that my sister Michelle is amazing. She had everything planned so well and things were so organized... it was so great. We were treated like royalty by her, and especially Eric's parents (the wedding was at their house), who fed us and loved on us non-stop.

It was a week to remember.

Now.... onto photos! There are a TON... just a warning.. but there was a lot to capture during our time in Idaho.

A big moment for Matthew on our trip over... his FIRST Big Mac! :) He loved it and ate the whole thing!

The view from the backyard of the house we stayed in (two houses down from Eric's parents). Our own private dock on the beautiful lake. 

The kids and Abby (my niece) got in the water within an hour of us landing at the lake. They were so excited to see their cousin and to get into the water!!

Sharing a toast with the bride to be!
I love this crazy girl!

And, because of that love, I agreed to jump in the lake with her. Cold turkey. It was super fun. And super cold!

Then the kids got in on the fun...

I love these three!!

Thursday was "Lake Day". Michelle and Eric rented a boat, some tubes, and some paddle boats and we all spent the day on the water. It was so fun!

Paddling with Abby before we got on the boat
Our was awesome

My new bro in law.. he's pretty amazing!

My kids have never been on a boat, let alone tubing, yet they were both SO excited to get on the tube and they both had so much fun!

Abby got up on a knee board... and did awesome!

Then she was super sweet and went tubing with each of the kids. She's pretty great!

We all had fun paddle boarding!

After the boating fun, there was a heated game of croquet! :)

We ended that fun day with a campfire and s'mores

Friday was spent doing lots of wedding prep. Thankfully it was a bit rainy so the kids were happy to help and not keep asking to go in the lake! :)

Eric using power tools to cut flowers. Just another reason we love him!
Evelyn was a huge help making bouquets!

The rehearsal dinner was at Eric's aunt and uncle's house, about an hour away from the lake house. It was a lovely evening with both sides of the family. 

There was games to play while we waited for dinner to be ready. That was so helpful and entertained my kids well!

Bramer girls... my mom and her two youngest sisters. Love them!

The Bramer girls with their girls

My aunt Bobbie and Uncle Dave. They are two amazing people! 

I think Matthew could have played games with his dad all evening! :)
He even played games with Abby..he kept busy! :)
The rehearsal dinner cake. Michelle is a Duck. Eric is a Beaver. We like him anyway...HA!

They are pretty cute!!


Below are pre-wedding shots....

Such a lovely place to have a wedding!

 My favorite three!

Guests arrived by boat... so cool!

The last photo before the ceremony started!!

My baby girl during the ceremony. She was so thrilled to be apart of her favorite aunt's special day!

Sadly I don't have any other pics from the ceremony. I didn't have my phone with me standing up with my sister..ha!! But I can assure you it was beautiful and perfect!

The reception was super fun and we dined on amazing food while we spent time with family and met new friends. A perfect end to a perfect day!

My nephew... always eluding the camera.. but he allowed one for me! :)

Amy was a fellow bridesmaid and such a hoot! It was fun spending time with her! 

I love these two!
Best Great Aunt there ever was! :)

This is the small cake that was perfect for Michelle and Eric. Eric's aunt also make AMAZING cupcakes for everyone to have instead of cake. I wish I had a photo. They seriously were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. I won't tell you how many I ate! :)

This one. Love her so. She was VERY brave and toasted her mom and Eric. Proud of her!

Doug provided sound equipment and was the DJ for the day. He did an amazing job and everyone said it sounded lovely!!

The sunset was so pretty!

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson :)

All the guests that boated over took a bus back to their cars. Michelle arranged to have coffee and tea available for the ride, along with each guest receiving a CD of all the ceremony/reception music. Very thoughtful!

We were up super late after the wedding, helping clean up and then getting packed up for the drive home early the next morning. Like I said, it was a week to remember, and we are so happy for Michelle and Eric, and thankful they asked us to be a part of their day!!