Friday, April 26, 2019

Zoo Field Trip

The 3rd graders headed to the zoo today. It was sunny and lovely and we had a great time!

All the pics speak for themselves!!

All the kids were super tired at the end of the day but all of them seemed to have the best time. Thankful to have some special time with my boy!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter 2019

What a fun day with family celebrating the Resurrection!! We had almost everyone with us and the sun was out and the food was good and the company was better and, and, and... such a great day!!

 Aunt Mary came over last night to make "bunny tails" treats with the kids to have for snacks today. (Bunny Tails are pretzels with a hershey kiss slightly melted, then add a m&m on top and push down. Super yummy and super cute.) The kids love Mary and I am so thankful for how she invests in them. 

 It is always tricky trying to fit almost 20 into the living room. I tried 2 6ft tables this year plus a card table for the youngest kids and it worked perfectly!

 My Easter sweets...
 The big boys. I cannot believe Ben is 20 and the other two are 17 and 18!
 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil... silly boys!
 The whole crew.. thankful for each one!

 Happy Boy..
 Pretty girl....

 Cousins hanging on the porch talking about life. Love the friendship they share!

For the past few years the kids have led their own Easter egg hunt (the grownups can just chill and chat #winning). The big kids hide for the younger ones, and then it reverses. They LOVE it!

My sister in law accidentally put the butter she brought for the dinner rolls in the bag with the treats for the plastic eggs. Greg thought it was hilarious and wanted to put some in an egg for his brothers to find..haha!

 Lots of laughter outside today...

 Love these faces!!
This is what happens when you all are crowded on the slide for too long!! The slide almost collapsed while I was trying to take one more photo..haha!! Thankful it was an easy fix!

Such a fun and special day! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Flag Football Starts!

Matthew decided to play flag football instead of baseball this spring, and today was his first game. He has been SO excited to play flag again after a rather difficult tackle football experience.

One of his best buddies, Sam, is playing with his and they both are happy to be on the same team.

It was a super wet and rainy game, and the boys lost, but Matthew had fun and is looking forward to the rest of the season!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Boys Day!

It was Matthew's week for school conferences and he asked if he could have a "boy's day" like Evelyn had a "girl's day" during her conferences week. Of course the answer was YES!! He invited his friend Owen along and we had a super fun morning!

 Ready to roll!

We headed to the mall. First stop per the boys' request: Pretzel bites from the pretzel place. So yummy! 

 Most of our time was spent here, The Lego Store. I think they were in there at least 45 minutes, making mini-figs and looking at all the sets. They were in heaven!

 Lunch at McD's was a necessity!

On the way home from lunch they asked if I would play monopoly with them. I obliged and we played monopoly until O's mom came to pick him up, about 2 hours worth!

I am thankful for Matthew and Owen's friendship and so thankful they had such a fun day together.