Friday, February 25, 2011

The Weatherman Got One Right

We woke up yesterday morning to snow!! Not a lot, but enough to go play! Unfortunately Matthew (and me) still aren't feeling all better, but I figured it would be good for us to go out, especially Evelyn, who was SO excited. So, out we went!

He at first just watched quietly. Poor sick baby!

She LOVES to eat the snow!\
I love this shot of her boots with clods of snow on them. She thought it was so funny! "Kinda like high heels, mommy!"

Matthew warmed up to the idea of getting out of the stroller. This was his first time walking in, touching snow! Of course, his snow suit is WAY to small.. and I really didn't think he would need one in late February... so he played some, then when he was too wet, we all came inside. He still had fun, tho.. that's what matters!

Not so sure at first...

Then he just took off... and I was on the chase!

He thought it was fun to get really close to the street. Stinker!

Sweet Angel!

It was fun to have a snow day.. but I am really ready for spring!

On the Mend

My sweet boy has been so sick. Fever, cough, congested. Just miserable. My happy boy was not so happy. He also didn't eat much for days, which if you read my blog or know my boy you know that is so unlike him!

On Tuesday this week, I accidentally left the pantry open. I came into the kitchen and found this!

He ate more sitting there that he had in two days... no kidding!

He still is slow in getting his appetite back, but its better every day. Yay!

Poor Evelyn

She didn't get out much these past few weeks with all of us (except her) being sick. One day last week, there was a break in the rain and we ALL had cabin fever (even Matthew who actually HAD a fever!). I decided to bundle us up and go for a walk. Those of you with young kids know how much effort it can take to get ready to head out. Well.. I got Matthew all bundled in the stroller, got Evelyn ready, as right as we were heading out of the garage... it started to HAIL!! Ugh.. plans foiled!

Thankfully, Evelyn thought it was hilarious. It made it all okay!

Gosh I love her....

Sick... Nuff Said

I am SO thankful that Doug and I are healthy. Mostly because I am NOT a good sick person. I am also thankful that I have such healthy kids. Evelyn has rarely been sick in her life. She has only had one "tummy bug" and only a few "big" colds. And she has never been on antibiotics. Ever. Matthew, too, has been mostly healthy. I have taken him to get his ears checked a couple of times, but he also has not been on antibiotics ever. I do not take this for granted. At all.

Unfortunately, tho, this winter has been hard on all of us. We all have had colds off and on. Not horrible colds, but enough to keep us from play dates, church, etc. more than usual. I try so hard to have the kids wash hands, use purell, etc. Apparently its just our year.

Then it happened. "It" being the flu. And it has royally kicked our fanny's the past 3 weeks! Doug first, then me, then poor Matthew. Evelyn, by the grace of God, somehow squeaked by with just the sniffles. Needless to say, we have not been out much, not done much, and not felt like much of anything but yucky! We are finally starting to come out of it. Doug and I are pretty much thru it except for a cough. Matthew, bless his pickin' heart, is still pretty snotty and has a nasty cough, but he is much better than he was, much happier, too!

Anyhoo.. both Doug and I were down with it first. Valentine's Day we both had fevers and felt like poo. Poor guy had to go to work... no choice... feeling like that. I made some post on facebook about what a romantic Valentine's night we had planned (soup out of a can, to bed early after taking our temps and medicating). Soon after our friend (and neighbor) JB sent me a note telling me she was bringing us dinner. No saying no.

She arrived a short time later with this...

Amazingly good food.. so what we needed to cheer us up. She even made the rice into a heart! We are so thankful for her and this amazing act of kindness. Thank you JB!

Our other favorite Valentine treat...

Matthew hadn't gotten sick yet, and Jody got them these cute shirts for Valentine's Day. They made us feel better with their smiles. Every Day.

Here's to staying healthy! Time to get caught up on laundry and cleaning.. haven't done much of that in a couple of weeks! I am SO ready for spring!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

No need for words.. the pictures say it all!!

I love my boys!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Night's Alright...

Most every Friday night at bedtime, we ask Evelyn what tomorrow is. She answers and then we ask what that means. She gets the biggest grin and says "Daddy's home!" We all love Saturdays when we can be together. Love it...

I took the kids to get pictures taken today so Doug could have some time to work on my birthday present (more on that in another post). We got home, had dinner, then the kids and their daddy, as usual, played like crazy. I love watching it.. its beautiful!

What's not to love about these three?

Daddy's girl!

Matthew was asking to hold this bottle of salad dressing, do Doug let him.. and he was quite entertaining to watch! We all just laughed and laughed as he did everything with the bottle in his hand and would NOT put it down.

Matthew likes to put on his Halloween costume... only with Daddy... and then read a book. So cute!

I have the best husband ever.. and my kids have the best daddy ever! Here's to many more Saturday nights together!!-

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Spot on the Couch

When Evelyn was born, she weighed a little over 6 pounds. She was little. She was weak. And I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to breastfeed SO badly, and she could barely suck on my finger let alone get milk from me. We tried syringe feeds, the nipple shield, etc., but between the two of us we just never got it to work right. In the end, we bonded much better with me rocking her and feeding her out of a bottle.

Fast forward to Matthew, who was 2 pounds bigger and much stronger at birth than his sister. I was also in better place emotionally the second time around. I was willing to try to breastfeed but wasn't going to stress about it if it didn't work out. Thankfully, he had NO problems nursing... and was eating strong from the get-go. He has exclusively nursed the entire time and has really wanted nothing to do with a bottle, which was fine by me. Although it truly is a "labor of love" to breastfeed and made for more of a "home bound" year for us, I am so grateful for the time I had to bond with my son in this way. I have nursed him in one particular spot on the love seat in the living room for most of his feeds. He knows the spot. He knows what happens in that spot. He loves that spot!

However, all good things must come to an end. I nursed him for the last time Jan. 28th. He was almost 14 months old. We had gone to Dallas that day to visit Doug's folks and got home late, so it wasn't our normal routine. I cried most of the way home knowing it would be the last time. I have been weaning him for a while and only nursing him at bedtime, but still.. this was so final. As he nursed I just watched him, so thankful for my precious son and for the precious gift of being able to nurse him. And then it was done. Just like that.

He actually did fairly well with the transition. He was a bit clingy and fussy for a few days, but nothing too horrible. We have been trying to adjust to a new routine at bedtime and its going well. I am sure this, too, will change as both the kids get bigger.

Nursing is behind us, and I pray more happy life is ahead of us. I am excited to watch my son grow into the man God wants him to be.

And I will always be thankful for our spot on the couch.