Monday, February 25, 2019

Snow Day... For Real!

We had snow again this week and today we had a real snow day!! The kids were super excited and were of course out early playing.

Matthew was so proud of his snowman!

We played games, too. (Notice the wine.. mommy's snow day necessity! :)

We made snow ice cream for the first time, and it was really good!!

We enjoyed our snow day thoroughly as we know it may be the last one we get this school year!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Oregon Battle of the Books!

Evelyn did Oregon Battle of the Books in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade and LOVED it. Matthew hasn't been as into reading as his sister, but when he was picked as a strong reader and student to be on the 3rd grade alternates team, he was SO excited and honored! I, of course, was asked to mentor the 3rd grade kids (who read the books and then fill in as alternated on battle day if needed. It's a good way to introduce OBOB to them.) and had the best time with this group and silly, smart and kind kiddos! They all read books that they may not have read if not for OBOB, and learned and grew in teamwork, too. So proud of them.

Today was battle day, and unfortunately the flu is going around Fir Grove. Fortunately, that means that we needed to use SIX alternates today for battles. The kids were nervous but so ready and so excited too!

My sweet group!

Super silly too!

Matthew and his buddy Sam were put on the same team and they were a HUGE help to the team and actually got them to the 4th grade semi-finals. Matthew had so much fun!
Matthew and Sam battling
The boys taking a break between battles, Xavier (in the white shirt) ended up on a team who went to the 4th grade final! I was so proud of him!
Matthew and Sam with their team, the Book-A-Corns.

I am so proud of Matthew for reading so many books and really working hard. He grew in confidence and his reading skills grew too. He is already planning on next year and already reading books on next year's OBOB list!!

A great OBOB year for sure!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Winter Camp

Evelyn just got home from a weekend with the church youth group. I am so thankful for our church family and the friends she has grown up with at church. She had an amazing time away.. but we missed her very much!

Getting read to head out. Juliet and Maci are two of her favorites for sure!

Abby is one of her small group leaders and she is such a kick! The girls love her. 
The whole 6th grade girls small group... ready to go!
Whoops... except Lucy, who was running a little bit late!

Hard to see.. but this is what I found on the kitchen table when I got home. A sweet note to me from my girl, telling me not to worry and that she loved me. Of course tears flowed. I love her so much and so thankful for her big heart!

The kids went to a new camp this year. We have a new middle school director and Grove Christian Camp is where he grew up going and where he took the youth from the church he was at for
 years before he came to Sunset.  The kids enjoyed the camp and are looking forward to going there again for longer this summer!

They're baaaaaack! 
Evelyn with her leaders Lauren and Abby.
Lauren and Abby love these girls so well and the girls think they are the best! Group hug to say goodbye!

Evelyn is super tired but is so grateful for a weekend away with friend and learning more about God's love for her!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Snow Day....Sort of!

The kids (and I will admit, me too) have been wanting a snow day SO bad, but we haven't had one this school year as the weather has been mild. The weather finally turned cold and wet and there was a chance of snow overnight. The kids did all the "snow dance" things: ice in toilet, orange in the freezer, jammies on inside out and backwards and other silly things, and went to bed hopeful.

Sure enough, it snowed! The phone rang at 6am, and I thought school would be closed for the day, but alas, it was just a 2 hour delay. The kids still were excited and they got up and dressed and went outside to play while the could!

As you can see, there really wasn't that much snow, so it was good that they headed off to school late today. But it was a fun taste of what maybe will come... forecasters are saying more snow is on the way. Stay tuned!!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl/Lawnmower Weekend Fun

We had a busy and fun weekend.

Our lawn mower quit working last week. The motor died. Doug has had it for over 25 years and it is a commercial grade, heavy duty mower. He really things he can rebuild the motor and thought it would be a fun project for both him and Matthew to work on together. Matthew was super excited to work with his dad, too!

Doug's not sure if Matthew will lose interest in this project but is enjoying time with his boy for now!

Super Bowl Sunday was fun! Doug's aunt Mary came over and we had a lovely feast and great conversation while watching the game (and the commercials)

Matthew (and all of us) wanted the Rams to win. Sadly that didn't happen but we had a fun afternoon together! Props to the Pats!