Sunday, December 9, 2018

Birthday Fun

Evelyn had 3 of her best friends over for a sleepover to celebrate her birthday this weekend. She planned the entire evening/night/morning (with a spreadsheet to prove it) and was super excited about it.

My hairdresser's daughter Abby does makeup on the side, so I asked her if she would come and talk to the girls about makeup and show them how to apply it properly. She kindly agreed, and did such an amazing job with the girls. She made sure to point out that their beauty lie within and also that they needed to take care of their skin (washing, moistuizing, etc) as they entered the teenage years. The girls really enjoyed her and listened to her more than they probably would have listened to me..haha! Plus I have NO makeup skills whatsoever, so having Abby was a huge help!

They applied a "natural" palate of colors with Abby's help, then they just got silly and played with all the colors to make fun and over the top looks. It was pretty funny!

Love these girls!!

The  girls truly enjoyed their time with Abby!

After makeup it was time for pizza and presents!

Time for cake! Evelyn wanted an ice cream cake, so that's what she got! :) 

The girls then watched a few movies before falling asleep. The morning was full of giggles over breakfast. 
So thankful for such good friends for Evelyn and for a simple yet fun birthday celebration for her! I can't believe she is going to be TWELVE on Tuesday!!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Matthew is NINE!

Our sweet boy is NINE today! 
My baby boy is growing up before my eyes and while I admit I am a little (ok, probably more than a little) sad about it, I also am loving watching him grow and mature and become who the Lord is shaping him to. 

Matthew has a lot of heart. He is one of the most kindest, most thoughtful, most friendly humans I know. While he isn't as introverted as his sister, he still is on the shy side and prefers small groups over big crowds. He is a good friend, a devoted little brother who will ALWAYS say his sister is is best friend, and loves his mom and dad wholeheartedly. He is a big helper both at home and at school. He is in tune to those around him and is sensitive to what someone may need, be it a hug or a word of encouragement or a high five. He just is such a sweet boy and brings joy to everyone he meets... truly!

He also has a lot of emotion. He is so stinkin' hilarous.. oh, my goodness silly... and his laugh is awesome and contageous. He also, tho, can get really frustrated and really sad when things don't go his way. He is passionate about justice and about things  working out right. That doesn't always happen in life, and I think this will be a year of working with Matthew on how to better deal with that. There are lots of reasons for this new found "fussiness" in our boy... some nurture, some nature, so environmental (school)... and I know this is an area that lots of kids struggle with. The good thing is that HE notices it too as wants to not be overly emotional about every little thing. We are hoping that as we wrestle with this year with Matthew, he can grow in confidence and in his faith. 

To say Matthew has a lot of words would be an understatement! Seriously... this kid will talk your ear off! From football, to legos, to school stuff, to life stuff... he just likes to talk it out. Most people don't see it as much because he is shyer out in public. But at home he is a chatterbox.. who knows when you are NOT listening...haha!! I love that he feels comfortable at home and wants to talk. I hope it continues on thru his life!!

Energy. Matthew also has lots of energy. As he gets older I am more and more aware of the need to keep him moving so he can expend his energy. Lots of playdates with boys who need the same thing, walking to and from school, our mini trampoline in the basement, etc. He is REALLY into Ninja Warrior and likes to make up courses with stuff around the house. He loves all sports, really, even tho football is his love. I am so thankful he is a healthy active guy.. who keeps me on my toes..haha!

He fills our days with smiles, hugs, laughs and love.. and we are so thankful he is ours!!

Here is a photo recap of our NINE year old's day!

Ready for the birthday boy to wake up!

Below are the many happy faces of Matthew...haha!

All he wanted for breakfast was a "cinnamon roll donut"... so that's what we got for him! (He also had more breakfast later, don't worry.)
Sweet face...

Love him!

Opening presents. He was so happy!

Jody surprised him by coming over before we left for church.. in her pajamas no less! We love her!

Matthew wanted two things out of the day. He wanted to watch football and he wanted to go to Red Robin for dinner. That was an easy request to grant, and he thoroughly enjoyed his day!
Excited for his birthday sundae!

Legos from Grandma and Grandpa were a hit!!

Matthew, my son, you are growing into such a delightful young man, and I love you more than I can put into words. I hope your year of being nine is your best yet!

Happy Happy Birthday Matthew Donald!