Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(Most of the) Christmas Tree Hunt 2010

There is nothing much worse than going on a fun family outing and having your camera battery die about half way thru... and that is exactly what happened last weekend when we went to get our tree. *sigh* Oh, well... I got some pictures at least. AND we had a super time!

We went to Hagg's Tree Farm again this year. We really just LOVE it there. A true "tree farm" experience (lots of hills, mud and trees.. and helpful people!) and super prices.

Evelyn picked out her outfit AND her brother's. She was pretty excited to get a tree!

My babies ready to go!

It was foggy and a bit chilly when we got there (we went in the morning) but we got everyone bundled up. Well.. almost everyone!
Doug and Matthew warm and cozy!

Evelyn really didn't want to wear a coat. We said that was fine but that she couldn't complain if she got cold!

Let the hunt begin!

Daddy and Matthew searching!

"I found the PERFECT tree you guys!" (she said that multiple times!)

Tromping around!

My sweet family!

Jody and Lori joined us too.. it was fun to hunt with them!

My boy LOVES his Jody!!

The last shot before the camera went dead... at least we got ONE family shot!

More pics to come of the tree!! Happy December!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010... the long version!

Truly, we have so much to be thankful for. I, for one, am thankful for my amazing family. Both the one I was born into and the one I married into. We had a lovely day with both families just spending time eating good food and being together.

We first went to Doug's aunt Mary's place for the Morris family gathering.

My nephews being silly!

I was hoping Evelyn would want to sit at the "kids" table with her cousins, but she was pretty shy and clingy and wanted to sit with us at the big table. Funny thing was that she ended up sitting between her aunt Deanna and uncle Aaron and had a great time, barely talking to Doug and I at all!

Me and my best girl.. picture taken by my nephew Ben!

Matthew enjoying his first Thankgiving meal. I think he ate more than I did!

We also celebrated Evelyn and Matthew's birthday with Doug's family as its the one time other than Christmas we can get together to do it! Matthew was getting antsy and bored after eating, but we weren't quite ready to do birthday stuff (the big boys were outside riding their scooters and the dishes were being done). So we gave him a present to "play with" until it was time to do presents and desert. It was brilliant!

He LOVED the balloon attached to the present!

...until it came off and flew up into the high ceilings at Doug's aunt's place. Bummer!

At that point we just let him open his present from Grandma and Grandad.. a dump truck!!

It was a hit!

Of course, we had to then let Evelyn open one, too. Tinkebell stuff.. another hit!

As I have posted in previous birthday blogs, Doug's family is like the vonTrapp's. They sing so well... especially the birthday song. They could sing it to my anytime! So, here is this year's renditions for both kids.

Evelyn's... she was a bit shy this year!

And Matthew..who seemed to enjoy it. And wait til you see the sweet moment at the end...

Then it was time for birthday pie! My mother in law this year made each of the kids their own little pie. It was very sweet and they LOVED it!

Happy Birthday little dude!

This kid loves her whipped cream!-

Digging in!

Matthew playing with one of his gifts.. and if you notice the scar on his eyebrow, its a nice war wound from taking a header into the corner of a coffee table. Almost took him to the ED, but glad we chose not to.. it was fine!

From Doug's aunt's we went and stopped by my mom's for a bit to visit. It was nice to spend time with them.. and get some left-overs to take home! ;)

An attempt at a family shot...

Love. This. Man.

Nice, honey...

Uncle Chris reading to Evelyn and Cole.

That about sums up our day. Like I said.. I am truly thankful!


Last week we got our first snow of the season. It was a light dusting, but it was snow nonetheless... and there was NO way Evelyn was going to miss out on playing in it!

We didn't stay outside too long (Matthew was getting fussy) but we had fun while we could! Hoping this is not the last we see of the white stuff!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Preview..

Last week I got the kids outside to try to get a decent Christmas card shot. And low and behold....I got several!! Thank you Jesus... and thank you to my BFF Jody who helped a TON to get the kids to behave for the camera!

These are NOT the ones I chose for our Christmas card, but ones that will maybe get you excited to receive our card.. HA!

I may be a bit bias... but I have the cutest kids EVER!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Its almost midnight...

..but this is the only time I have had at the computer pretty much all day and I really wanted to get some pictures up and journal a bit. However, since BOTH of my beautiful children apparently wanted some extra time with their momma tonight (they have both been up, each for about an hour... ugh) and I needed to get a workout in as well... here I sit. At midnight.

I do love them. Really.

Ok.. onto a few pics. Not a lot of journaling tonight. I am sure you'll be fine with that....

She wanted to try on "her" halloween costume from when she was a baby. Its a 6-12 mth costume..this is what Matthew wore this year. She still looks cute in it!

So, Doug came home the other day and it was beautiful outside. He grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to cut the grass/mow the leaves. Matthew stood at the window and watched him for almost 30 minutes. This kid NEVER sits still.. but he LOVES his daddy and was just mezmorized by this whole event.

This shot is blurry and makes it look dark outside, but his smile is cute!

This is blurry too but you can see outside. This is how he stood pretty much the entire time, just watching his daddy. It was just precious!

Evelyn and my mom making berry turn overs. My sweet girl is getting pretty good in the kitchen.. and has some great teachers. Thanks, mom!

Seriously.. I can't get enough of that smile!

Who needs toys when you have kitchen utensils?

Kisses from Grandma!

One last picture before I sign off. I am excited, nervous, sad (cuz it makes me miss my dad) and just overall proud...

... to be a Duck fan!!

Win The Day!