Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Another Field Trip!

The 3rd graders had their final field trip of the year today, heading to PCC Rock Creek and the Washington County Museum.

 Silly kids on the bus...
 My group for the day. Such great kids!

 We walked around the college campus and had a little scavenger hunt. One of the clues led us to the library, where one of the employees was so great and answered the kids (good) questions and showed them some cool things. It was a highlight for the boys, for sure. 
 Kellan doing some light reading...haha!
 Outside the replica jailhouse in front of the museum. 
 Writing with a real feather pen.. one of the favorite "stations" the kids did in the museum. 
 Lincoln Logs...another favorite!

Thankful for good friends for my boy!!

A fun day for sure!