Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Idaho or Bust 2015

We just returned from our annual "mom and the kids go visit Aunt Michelle in Idaho" trip. Okay.. last year was our time to do this trip but according to the kids we are doing this EVERY year from now on! :) Like last year, we had such a fun time visiting my sister, her kids and her fiancee, and seeing their new house.

They were up and ready to go before 7am, silly excited kids! :)

It was a long and hot 7 hour trip, but once again my kids proved to be stellar travelers. They played games, read books, looked for license plates from different states (they had a map of the US that they would color in each state they saw on a license), and got to watch a movie each way. We had lots of good conversation and laughs. They are lots of fun, those kids of ours!

We arrived at aunt Michelle's and the kids had fun exploring the new house and them spent the evening running thru the sprinklers. A nice way to cool off and end a long day of travel!

Evelyn loved this window in the stairwell!

Sprinkler fun!
They sure do love their Aunt Michelle!

They also enjoyed meeting Izzye, the new kitten of the house
Morning cartoons on a giant bean bag... awesomeness! They loved it!
Cousins ready to hit the water park and beat the 105+ degree heat (yes it was that hot!)
They love their cousin Abby. She is so great and patient with them! I am a lucky auntie!
Yay for cool water slides!

Matthew was not the least bit nervous about going down for the first time... and he loved it!
Love these two!
The little kids started "racing" the big kids down the slide. Curtis and Abby would go down the enclosed tube slide and Evelyn and Matthew would head down the open yellow one. They had the best time!
This. Not a fun moment for my boy. I heard a couple of loud bangs as he was heading down the slide and wondered if that might be my boy kinda getting squirlly. And this how he came around the final corner. :( Sadly he said he flipped while going around a turn and hit his head, too. Poor buddy! He was quite upset for about 5 minutes but then asked if he could go again! That's my boy!!

Ice cream afterwards was a big hit!
Curtis picked out a lego set to do with Matthew. Matthew so enjoyed time with his big cousin!

It was so hot, but we ventured to downtown Lewiston for dinner and to walk around a bit.
This piano is just outside awaiting anyone who wants to play!
They sure do love their Abby!
My silly sweet kids
I love them!

It was practically 80 degrees by 9am on Sunday so we headed to the park to run thru the fountain and play in the park a bit before it got any warmer. Then we pretty much were inside for the day. We made the most of it, tho, playing UNO, watching NASCAR and watching the movie UP!

Fun at the park!

We came home Monday tired from the heat and our fun adventured but so thankful for my sister opening up her home to us! The kids are already talking about next year! :) Thanks, Shell!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

There aren't enough words to say how thankful I am for Doug and the father he is to our kids. They are so fortunate to have a dad who loves them so deeply. I wanted to do something fun with him on Father's Day, and he suggested going to Woodburn Dragstrip. I can't think of a more fitting place to celebrate my car-lovin' hubby! It was a super hot day but we all had a great time!

They really got into it!
Thumbs up from Matthew!

Cooling off with ice cream

This may be my favorite photo of the day!

Proof I was there too! HA!

Both kids got to sit in a "junior dragster". Matthew now totally wanting to do this once he turns 8 (the age you can start). Not sure how this mommy feels about that.. but he was so into watching these cars race!
A dad, his boy, and a dragster... a beautiful things!
We all think dad is a winner for sure!

Happy Father's Day Doug! The way you love and care for our kids inspires and blesses me!! We love you!

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Pool!

For many reasons, mainly my un-enjoyment of crowds (especially at pools when my my kids aren't the strongest swimmers yet), I have wanted to have a pool at home for quite a while. Not just a "kiddie pool" but a nice one that was deep-ish. Now, the cost and maintenence of putting in an in-ground pool was way more than we needed and really not even an option. This is Oregon, after all, and our true summer days are few. After looking at different options and costs, we found a great deal on a soft sided 4ft deep above ground pool that hopefully will bring us much enjoyment for at least a few years!

We got the pool at the end of Ma and got it up and running this week. Let me tell you, tho, it is going to be A LOT of work, I have to give lots of props to Doug, who worked long and hard to get the yard ready for the pool by trimming trees and leveling out the ground (NOT an easy task). I think I will earn another degree, this time in chemical engineering, by the end of the summer after all I have been learning about keeping the pool chemicals all balanced. I now understand why many who have an inground pool have a "pool guy" who manages all that! :) It will be a labor of love for sure!

The kids, however, already love it and I have a feeling I will be playing lifeguard most of the summer!!

Helloooooo summer!