Wednesday, September 2, 2009


SO... I know there are A LOT more important things to be thinking about these days, but I have kind of a silly dilemma that I really am needing to make a decision about.. and just am not sure what to do.

The dilemma: How to spend gift card money. (Told ya it was silly!)

Here's the deal. My BFF Jody got me a gift card to the Pointe Spa at Bethany Athletic Club here in Beaverton. Its of good size $$.. she was thinking I could get a nice pedi or massage or something.

I've been holding onto it for a while... I found out I was pregnant about a month after I received it and thought I could get a pregnancy message with it. But then I started thinking about my chronic back issues. A massage is more "medicinal" for me more than relaxing, so I wonder if it would be worth it.

Then I had an idea.. but am really torn about it.
The idea: a fun hair cut/color before baby comes.

So.. some of you know (or you may know just by looking at my hair..heehee) that I go to Great Clips to get my hair cut. Its cheap (and we are on a pretty tight budget) and they usually do an okay job. I have been coloring my own hair for many years now (premature grey.. thanks Dad for giving me those genes.. UGH!). So to have someone who can tell me what looks good on me and have a good cut would be so refreshing and a treat!

The problem is that I can only go ONCE... cuz I have the gift card $$. There is NO way I can afford to be a return customer. The other issue is I don't know anyone who gets their hair done there. I am just assuming they would do a stellar job, but that isn't certain. But it sounds SO fun to get my hair done at a nice place, even if its just once.

So.. do I go do it and then just let Great Clips upkeep it? Could they do that effectively? Should I not risk it and just get a nice pedi? Or try to enjoy a pregnancy message? I. Just. Don't. Know.

Again.. a rather silly dilemma for this "not-so-girly girl who still likes to feel pretty", but one I need to figure out.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stop Drop & Roll.

Evelyn and I went to tour a Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Station today with some friends. My goodness, they do SUCH a great job with the kids!! (Oh, did I mention that this was a free tour?) The ages of our kiddos ranged from 9 months to almost 7 years, and Fireman Zach was very good at talking with all of them. He made it very fun, exciting and interactive. He also was very honest with the kids and didn't sugar coat the need for learning fire safety. Although some of it was probably a bit scary for the kids to listen to, I think it was important for them all to hear it. Evelyn listened very intently and has been asking questions and talking about it most of the day. I would highly recommend doing this with your kids if you haven't. They also do birthday parties (again.. for free!)!!

Ready to go!! SO excited!

Little E, BIG Fire Truck!

Fireman Zack chatting about the hoses...

The troops listening to Zach

Juliet wasn't in a photo mood.. ;)

My good listener!

So.. when the alarms sound, they have less than 60 seconds to go from this...

to this.. fully suited up with 70+ pounds on them!!

Sitting in the firetruck... the big highlight for most of the kids!

Look out.. she's behind the wheel!

Evelyn and Juliet.. best buddies (and silly to boot!)

It was such a fun time and a learning experience for the kids (and honestly, I think the moms learned a TON, too.. I know I did!!). Just one of many reasons to support bond measures that in turn support these fine servants who protect us and are willing to risk their lives to save ours!!

Fair Time....

We took Evelyn to her very first fair on Sunday. We met up with Doug's parents and went to the State Fair in Salem. It was such a fun day and a great time spent with family.

I was hoping Evelyn would nap in the car on the way down. No such luck. So we just were hopeful she wouldn't melt down while we were there! Thankfully she did really well. We had to work on keeping her awake on the way back to Doug's parent's house, but other than that she rocked!! I think overall it was a bit overwhelming for her... it is a huge event. We might try a smaller county fair next time we do it.. we'll just see.

Here are some highlights...

Evelyn's favorite part of the fair? Eating her first ever ice cream cone!!

Of course we saw MANY animals. Her favorite was the baby pigs.. but I didn't get any pics of those.. go figure!!

My mother-in -law is an amazing seamstress and embroiderer. She won two blue ribbons this year!

Other shots from the afternoon.....

She walked most of the time, but occasionally caught a ride on daddy's shoulders!

It was a bit warm... glad to have water!!

Tractors are cool!!

I love my Grandma!!

Another favorite at the fair for my sweet pea? The "haystack"!! She really didn't want to get off!

Happy family at the fair!