Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bank/Vernonia Trail

There is a cool 40 mile round trip bike trail just a 30 minute drive from us, so we decided to check it out today! We knew we weren't up for the full 40 mile loop so we planned about a 15 mile ride. 

There are two cool old train trestles that you get to cross. This is the Buxton trestle. So pretty!

Almost halfway into our ride we came across this sign. A creek 1/4 off road. We decided to go check it out. 

The kids haven't been off-roading too much but  they were kind of excited about it. 

This road. Right around that corner is a steep, bumpy and muddy downhill with lots of turns. Doug and Evelyn were ahead and I was taking my time bringing up the rear when I heard Matthew screaming. :( 

He had a pretty good spill and was on the ground. Thankfully, although he is really scrapped up and will have some good bruises, he is ok. 

At that point we knew we just needed to get back to the truck. I am proud of Matthew for getting back on his bike, bleeding and all, and getting back to the truck with a smile. 

We will go back and try for a longer ride another day...  :) 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

30 Year Reunion!

It's hard to believe that it has been THIRTY years since I graduated from Beaverton High School!! Once again I was a part of a great group of people who coordinated the reunion weekend.. and we had the BEST time!

A few of the team meeting for coffee a week before the reunion. Such a great group of people that I am fortunate to call friends!

On my way to the venue!

Em, Sallee and I taking in the view. Em and I have been on reunions committees from the beginning and I love her lots! Sallee is a dear friend and my hairdresser! :) 

Our Friday night gathering was at the beautiful Tualatin Country Club. 

We had a huge memorabilia table.. most of us on the reunion committee have kept lots of things from high school and so it turned out great!
Our full committee.. such a great group of people!

I was busy and having too much fun and the lighting was not great for photos, so I didn't take many at all. This is one of my favs, tho! Lots of great friends in this photo!

Saturday we met at the high school for a tour from the principal herself! It was such a great time remembering the history of this place and what the alumni are doing to keep it a thriving school. 

We've won LOTS of championships!
Everyone who came to the tour got a cool coffee mug!
Such a fun weekend to remember the amazing times at THE Beaverton High School! Can't wait for our next reunion!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Summer Camp

Evelyn just returned from a week at Grove Christian Camp with our church's middle school group. I am SO happy to have her home and thankful she had a great week!

Heading out a week ago... bus loaded and ready to go!

And today at pickup.. tired, in need of food and a shower, but happy! Thankful for her lifelong friends Juliet and Heidi!

Milkshake and fries for the win!!
Glad to have her home!!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

While Sister is Away...

Evelyn is at camp this week (I will blog about that when she gets home) and I have enjoyed some one on one time with Matthew. One thing he REALLY wanted to do was go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch preseason football! So, we grabbed one of his best buddies and went there to enjoy good food and good football!!

Both Matthew and Sam are both Duck fans and Titans fans (because of Marcus Mariota). The Titans were playing so they wore their jerseys. 

The boys had the best time watching ALL the games on the various TVs. The boys were most excited about the fact that there were TVs IN THE BATHROOM!! :) 

I posted the above photo on facebook and my friend and Fir Grove school counselor Ms Caryl chimed in that she didn't know football was on already. I joking asked her to come join us.. and she DID!! The boys were a bit taken aback at first but we had the nicest time chatting with her. She is also a huge Duck and Mariota and Titans fan and that makes her even more cool! :) 
And, of course, she wore her jersey. It was so fun to catch up with her!

The boys had the best time tonight and we ALL are excited for football season!!

Saturday, July 27, 2019


We just got back from an amazing week of  camping at Diamond Lake. We traded in cell service and showers for the outdoors and focused family time. From fishing and swimming in the lake to biking the almost 12 miles around the lake, to seeing Crater Lake and the Oregon caves.. it was a week to remember, and we all had the very best time!

Heading out and all smiles!
We have silly kids!
Lunch in Oakridge
Our amazing campsite, right on the lake!

All set up!

These two were roommates for a week and survived..haha!! I am so thankful for their love (and tolerance) for each other! 

Fishing with Dad. 
He was a pro by the end of the week. 

Sunset, night one. 

Mornings by the campfire with hot cocoa are the best!
See that welt by my eye? That would be a mosquito bite. Evelyn and I got eaten alive on this trip.. the only negative for the whole week!
Morning fishing.. he almost caught a few!

Camping isn't camping without Qwirkle!!
Our campsite was full of cool  logs and other obstacles for the kids to climb and jump on. They had a blast!

We ate very well this week! 
Camping would also not be camping without a movie night in the kids' tent! The Greatest Showman was what they picked. 
Sunset night two. 

We got up super early one morning to get to Crater Lake right when the Customer Service Kiosk opened to buy tickets for a boat tour around the lake. Sadly when we got there we found out the -information we received was wrong and we didn't get tickets. :(  We still had a lovely time exploring this amazing and beautiful National Park. 

The snow was our favorite! 

Swimming the the lake was SO much fun! It wasn't too cold, especially in the hot afternoon sun. 
Prairie Dogs. These little guys were everywhere and we so cute!!! 
We rented a pedal boat one afternoon at the lodge. It wasn't in the best shape and we almost had to be towed into the dock but we made it back with only one photo to show for it!! HA!
Love this boy!
We went on bike rides every day. There is an almost 12 mile loop around the lake the Doug and I have done before. We knew the kids could do it but they really didn't want to. So we just rode around the campground and to the lodge and back once or twice a day. Until the last night of camping. 
We set off on an evening bike ride and Doug was hopeful it would turn into a full lake loop ride.  We did it, with only one big crash (Matthew..he was fine) and lots more mosquito bites later! 
Crater Lake in the distance, on the north side of the lake. The ride was so beautiful!

We DID it!! So proud of the kid.. they were pretty jazzed about it too!!

Last campfire
Last sunrise

We stayed up late to see the amazing stars. They did not disappoint!

Evelyn carved our name into this big log before we left the campground. 
Hot, tired, sweaty, and happy!

We made our way to Grants Pass to our hotel for the night. They have a pool, it was super hot out, and we took advantage of it! 

Jumping in cold turkey.. it felt amazing!!

After we all got showers (finally!!) we got to do something super fun for dinner.. In and Out! They one in Grants Pass!

Yummy and iconic! :) 

The next morning we got up and headed to the Oregon Caves. 
Our guide Zach was so great and engaging! We saw bats and other beautiful things in the caves and had the best time on the tour!

From the caves we started our trek home!

The Milepost 97 fire was ablaze on our way home. It was so close to the freeway!!

 We HAD to stop at Rice Hill for ice cream! Such a iconic place with yummy treats!

We made it home, tired but refreshed after a fun week together. Thankful for my little family and for a great vacation!!