Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remember Me?

Um... yeah. Its been quite a while since I have posted. No reason to ramble on about excuses.. it is what it is. I really want to keep this blog going on a regular basis (I plan to turn it into a scrapbook or something for the kids when they get bigger) but man, its hard lately! But... time to just get back on the horse. Below are three.. yes, three new posts to start the catch up process!! I will do my best to keep it up!! Enjoy!

Pregnancy Update

I cannot believe I am 24 weeks already.. yet at the same time I find myself saying, "I'm only 24 weeks?" I really am not wanting to complain because I am SO thankful to be given this gift of life after trying for a while to complete our family. It is just a lot harder this time around.. for many reasons. I know I am doing too much, eating too much, and not sleeping enough.. I am just praying to finish out this pregnancy issue free and give birth to a healthy baby. My poor sweet husband has had to put up with A LOT of whining this go-around! He is amazing.. and I am truly not worthy!

And for those who don't know... it appears we are having a BOY! I am still trying to wrap my mind around that. I was honestly hoping for another girl.. for different reasons. As time goes on, tho, I am getting more and more excited to have a son. I'm not sure if I can handle the drama of two girls in the house! ;) Evelyn even has a name picked out for our little guy: "Bill". And she is serious about that. I'm still not quite sure where she came up with it, but it has stuck in her cute little mind. I am hoping her heart isn't too broken when we DON'T name him that.. heehee! Oh.. and if it was a girl, she wanted to name her "Lisa". Again... NO clue where she comes up with this stuff! ;) She is talking more about being a big sister and I am pretty sure she will fill that role beautifully!

One lesson we learned from our last pregnancy is, "Get as MUCH done as you can BEFORE the baby comes!!" We didn't heed that advice with Evelyn and sometimes wonder what on earth we did with all of our free time before she came along.. and why we didn't get more done!! ;) Needless to say we are on a mission to get quite a bit accomplished in the next 3 months!! Wish us luck!

Our little man at 20 weeks!

New Car...

We have been talking about making a car change before the baby is born.. for a few different reasons. The main one being that my car would sell better with less miles on it, as it is a rather special car (2003 Mercury Marauder.. they didn't make very many!). It was coming up on 45K and so we thought we would slowly start the process last month. We weren't sure how long it would take to sell it, especially in this economy. Doug started putting feelers out to people who had expressed interest in the car (quite a few people have said to him/us, "Let me know if you ever sell it...."). We figured we'd start there before spending money on advertising right away. Doug started talking about it at work and a co-worker of his says "I'm really interested". What a blessing to have interest SO quickly.. we have so much to do to get ready for the baby.. adding a long "sell the car/but a new car" process was anticipated but certainly not hoped for!!

Of course, since the car had been the "family car", it needed some extra detailing/clean up before it was "shown". That meant that Evelyn's car seat had to come out of it. Which in turn meant that the truck got to be my "driver" for a while (there is already a car seat installed in it which is nice). Well, let's just say I'm really not cut out to be a truck drivin' momma!! Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the truck and don't dislike driving it.. I just can't see myself driving it on a daily basis.. it just is too big! Anyway... we sold the car that week!! Such a huge answer to prayer! We hope and pray that the new owner enjoy the car as much as we did!!

Then we kinda of went in to "find a car" overdrive mode. We knew what we wanted (we had been looking and test driving for a while), it was just a matter of finding the best deal and staying within the budget we had set for this purchase. We found it.. in Sacramento, Ca! After many phone calls, faxes, and emails, Doug flew down (with frequent flyer miles... yeah!!) to pick up our new wheels and drive the long drive home. It was a long day for him, waking at 5am for the flight and arriving home with the car after midnight. Yet one more reason to love him!!

So what is it you ask? Its a 2008 Ford Taurus X (one of their crossover vehicles). It has 3 rows of seats (both back rows fold down for lots of cargo space), plenty of leg room, and drives awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Evelyn does, too. At least once a day she gets in the car and says, "I love the new car, mommy" or "I love the pretty (leather) seats, mommy!" Even better was that we got such an amazing deal on it! So excited to be driving this car.. hopefully for a very long time!!

Here it is.. not the best pic but you get the idea!

Uncle Scott

Uncle Scott (in blue shirt) giving a blessing last June at Hayley's graduation party

Many of you know that my dear Uncle Scott had a massive heart attack on July 11th while visiting here from the Seattle area. Thank you to those who have been praying. Scott is now up in a special hospital up in Seattle, and still is in a coma-like state. We are praying for a miracle.. and know God is able to heal him. But there are also realities that are having to be faced that are painful beyond words. He is only 53. He is a man that puts faith family and friends first... I would call him the "glue" that keeps the family together. We love him so much.. for so many reasons! My aunt and cousins (ages 16 and 19) are doing as well as can be expected.. but need prayer just as much as Scott does! It has certainly been a long and trying 6 weeks.. but as we told the doctors.. we are a family of faith and remain on our knees and hopeful. Scott would want nothing less!