Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Tree Hunt 2018

We have a tradition of getting our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, the forcast was for rain all day today, but we braved it anyway hoping we'd catch a break. No such luck, and we all got soaked.. but we had a super fun day and are glad to be already decorated for Christmas!

Annual "ready to go" shot!
It's pouring. That's all. 
Another annual shot... back of the truck getting boots on. 

We tried a new tree farm today, and we LOVE it! We've been looking for a new tree place for a couple of years and I'm so happy we found Loch Lolly!

Due to the weather, we tried to be quick in our hunt so we didn't spend a whole lot of time looking They have so many beautiful trees. We are excited to get more time here next year!

Evelyn decided to do some yoga while we were looking... haha!

We found it.. the perfect tree!

Doug is under there sawing. Also.. see how wet my hat is? Did I mention it was pouring?

Improvising a shelter...
Gettin' her baled up..
He loves it when I take his picture when he's driving... :) 
Pure silliness, this one!
We are absolutely soaked.. but we are still happy and having fun!

We got out tree and headed to Red Robin to get some warm drinks and lunch. 

She has the best laugh!

We got home and started decorating.

Silly girl....

Doug still needs to limb up the bottom, but she's a beaut, Clark! 

Bodie is very curious but has been keeping a safe distance and so far is being good. 

Christmastime is here!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

No School Fun

The kids had the day off from school today (teacher grading day) so we grabbed some friends and headed out for a morning adventure.

I love these faces and so thankful for such good friends for the kids. These guys were so silly on our drive, singling loudly, laughing and carrying on. It was a lively ride to say the least! 

We went to Orenco Woods Nature Preserve, a newish park in Hillboro thatwe hadn't been to. It certainly did not disappoint. Lots of things to play on (mostly natural, some playground type things tho). Lots of pretty landscape and beautiful trails. The kids had fun exploring and running around together. 

Silly faces...

Crazy tree climbers!

It was chilly outside, so I suggested we go grab some hot cocoa to warm up. The kids had a different idea.. and we ended up getting ice cream! Sillies!!

A super fun morning with super great kids!