Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jeff Duncan and the Santa Dilemma

As a kid I believed in Santa. Wholeheartedly, I might add. From pictures, to letters, to cookies, to movies.. Santa was always alive in our house at Christmas time. Memories of dad saying he thought he saw Rudolph's nose in the sky (which got me and my sisters totally amped), my sisters and I gathering in one of our our rooms on Christmas morning (usually at the crack of dawn.. we were excited) to wait for our parents to wake up. Dad always had to go "check" to make sure Santa had come before we were allowed to go to the living room. Those are just a few memories. It was such a marvelous and fun time.

Until 3rd grade.

I don't remember what we were talking about in class that fateful day, but I remember VIVIDLY what my fellow classmate , Jeff Duncan had to say about whatever it was:

"Well, its just like how Santa isn't real. It's your parents."

My little world was shattered. My spirit was crushed. After almost 30 years I still remember it like it was yesterday. One of those defining moments, I guess. I remember many night for months I would just cry in bed. I didn't want to talk to my parents about it because I probably still hoped what Jeff said wasn't true. I am not sure when I told them, but I do remember being being really sad the following Christmas.

Over time I got over it. I never was mad at my parents (I do know some people who felt lied to by their parents over the whole Santa thing). Although I will never forget how I found out, I am not permanently scarred (really...)!

Fast forward to today. I am now a parent. A Christian parent, who wants her child to fully be aware of and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. A parent who doesn't want to lie to her kid. Doug didn't "do" Santa as a kids and feels like he turned out okay (I guess I'll agree on that one.. heehee), so he isn't as torn about it as I am. We have been talking about it and praying about it. We have been asking opinions of friends/parents we respect. Lots of great ideas to keep Santa in the picture but having Jesus being front and center. What to do? I don't want her to "miss out" on the "awe" of Santa.. the feelings I had as a kid. I also don't want her to be the "Jeff Duncan" for someone else. Yet those feelings I had as a kid were about something not real. Jesus is real.. that's what I want her to know most of all. She is already very interested in the Santa stuff she sees.. it is everywhere! She is so smart and doesn't miss a thing. We need start talking about it, whatever IT is, now.

We have "sort of" decided to go with the "Santa is pretend, Jesus is real" idea with Evelyn. Is that the right thing? We have no idea! UGH! Man, parenting can be tough! :)

I would love opinions/ideas if you have them.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things Pondered, part II

(for the first "Things Pondered" post, click here)

My baby is 2.
I really can't call her a baby anymore, but I know I will.
I have been teary quite a bit this week.
Some sad tears.
But mostly happy tears.
Thankful tears.
Grateful tears.
Proud mommy tears.


December 2007












Happy Birthday, sweet pea!
What a special blessing you are in my life!
I love you, Evelyn Joy!

"... and Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart" Luke 2:19

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, (whoppin' huge) Christmas Tree...

Last Sunday we went with Jody on our annual Christmas tree hunt/chop. This year we went to Hagg Tree Farm and really had fun. It was beautiful outside, which was an added blessing!

Ready to go hunting! (I was holding E's hands cuz' she kept putting them in her mouth!)
Jody and Evelyn
Evelyn taking a walk in the woods!

They had animals there, too.. and Evelyn loved feeding the goats...

..after giving them a once-over first. Check out her face! :)

It's funny how things always seem smaller out in the woods! We brought our tree home and as we were undoing the twine around it, we started to panic at the size our tree appeared to be. We were hoping to avoid a "Clark Griswald" moment (remember "A Christmas Vacation"?)! Thankfully our tree, although big, is PERFECT in our front room. My handy and handsome husband made a "riser" for our tree, too, so it would look even taller! I love our tree!!

Evelyn standing in front of the "kimas tee". She "helped" decorate.. by taking a long nap! :)

The finished product!

I love sitting by the lighted tree at night (with all the other lights out) with a cup of tea of cocoa listening to Christmas music. It is therapy for my soul and usually makes me cry. What an awesome time of year.. celebrating the One who came to seek and save the lost!

As the song says: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! YAY!!