Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Happenings

A lot has been going on this month... here's a photo snipit of what we've been doing....

We've been swimming. A lot. We love our pool and consider it one of the best investments we have made since having kids!

The big Solar Eclipse was a big deal around here... as it was passing right thru our fine state. We had 99% totality here.. and is was a fun experience for sure!

Practicing using our protective glasses the night before. 

We met up with friends at the middle school to watch in the large open field there. 

Friends Ken and JB

Celebratory snacks! :)

Thankful for my friend Katie!
Toasting the eclipse with friends...

We had a "boys day/girls day". Doug and Matthew went the Woodburn Dragstrip to look at and watch cool cars race, and Evelyn and I went to lunch and went shopping. We all had a lovely time!

We played at parks....

Had sleepovers with friends....

Celebrated Doug on his birthday...

Had fun with long time friends....

...and Matthew started football!! He has wanted to play FOREVER. Since this is the last year he can play non-contact flag football, we signed him up. Oh, my goodness he is SO excited!

Waiting for uniforms and photos...

He's going to be playing with three of his great buddies.... so thankful for that!

Happy Boy!
Why, yes..Matthew IS the tallest kid playing flag! :) 

It was a busy but super fun month for sure!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Seattle Trip Day 5...Heading Home

We made it home today, thankful for such a fun week away together!! On our way home we stopped in Tacoma and had lunch with my Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Dave. It was so good to see them and we are thankful they could meet us. 

What an amazing adventure we have had this week. Thankful for time away and so many fun memories made! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Seattle Trip Day 4

If I had to choose, I would say that today was the funnest day of the whole trip for me. I think we all would say it was at least in the top 2. 

Our first stop: Boeing Museum of Flight! I would highly recommend this place. Oh my goodness... so cool! Doug and I both feel like we want to come back and explore withOUT the kids, so we can go at our pace. It's that cool!

Evelyn and I took in one of the 3-D movies on space. It was interesting!
Yes.. that looks like Air Force 2, the Vice President's jet. Alas, he wasn't in town, and we have no idea where that presidential plane was going, but it was fun to watch it take off!

There are several "wings" of the museum. They have a cool space shuttle exhibit,  huge  WW1 and WW2 exhibits, and well as a whole area of planes you could go into and tour. 

I've always wanted to go inside the Concorde.. and today, I got to!

Why, yes, that engine is HUGE!

From the museum, we headed to our final hotel, which was right next to CenturyLink Field, because our finale of our trip was seeing a Mariner's game! 

The Silver Cloud has a rooftop pool. Let's just say it was a HUGE hit with the kids and I am glad we had time to swim for a bit!
The stadium is RIGHT THERE! :)

Ready for the game!! 
In his happy place!

Lots of silliness with these guys tonight!

One of my favorite photos of the whole trip! The Mariners were making a huge comeback. My boys were super excited!!
It was a late night, and we left a little early since the M's had a good lead. Sadly by the time we walked back to the hotel, we found out they had lost the lead.. and the game.. in the last inning! ACK! Oh, well, we had the best time at the game and Matthew went to sleep a very happy boy!!

Heading home tomorrow... it's been such a great week!