Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Surprise for 40 Years

My Aunt Bobbie is my dad's baby sister. She was the apple of his eye; he was her hero. I love my aunt for many reasons, but mostly for the never ending love and encouragement she bestows upon me and my sisters. She is so much like my dad in that way. I see so much of him in her, and it always is special to spend time with her.

She and my Uncle Dave (who, FYI, is equally as awesome!) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this week. My cousins Elaina and Heather pulled off the most amazing surprise party for them yesterday, a gathering in Tacoma, Wa. that brought pretty much the ENTIRE Tierney clan together as well as many of their friends. It was such a great day celebrating God's faithfulness and blessing in my aunt and uncle's life together.

The reaction from these two when they saw everyone was priceless!!

Bobbie and Makayla (Elaina's daughter, who is SO sweet and so awesome and entertained my kids quite a bit!)

A not-so-good self portrait of my great Uncle Herb and me. I love him like a Grandpa.. he and his wife Judy are wonderful!

My Aunt and her nieces. We love her!

My family and Bobbie and Dave. So fun to get together!

I can't remember when the Tierney cousins were all together... at least ten years. It was fun reconnecting with them and catching up in person instead of on Facebook!

The cousins with their significant others!

I just have to say.. my kids are such great travelers! They did so great in the car, and were behaved well and had fun at the party. More than one adult guest asked, "are they always this well behaved?". Made this momma proud!

Reading books with daddy and cousin Curtis (who was actually playing Angry Birds! haha)

Love this picture of them enjoying their snacks! They really do love each other.. most of the time!

So.. my niece Abby kept telling me she had a surprise for me when I saw her. I totally didn't expect it, but wasn't surprised when I saw her fabulous new haircut. She is a big Harry Potter fan, and a big Emma Watson fan. Well.. Emma has this short pixie cut, and now Abbers does too! It totally fits her face and her personality. Loved seeing her and my kids did too, as told by the sweet look on Matthew's face!

Cheese-y boy and his daddy!

Cake cutting!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures.. but I was having way too much fun catching up with everyone!

Happy 40th, Bobbie and Dave. We love you so much!