Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Break Day Trip

Doug took the day off so we could spend a day all together during the kids' spring break. We decided to head south and tour the State Capital, something we have wanted to do with the kids for some time. The weather wasn't great, but we had the best day, thoroughly enjoying our time together.

Cherry Blossom beauty...
It really is such a pretty building!
The kids nicknamed the gold "Oregon Pioneer" statue "Golden Bro"!  They are so funny!

Waiting for our tour to begin. The tour was amazing and very imformitive.
The Governer's Formal desk
Carpet shot..ha!
This replica of our state flag went to the moon!

It was fun and interesting to sit in on a legislative session. They were even talking about education reform.

The grounds of the capital are so beautiful! 

After a lunch stop at Red Robin, we headed back north to the World of Speed Museum, a place we (as motor sports fans) have wanted to go to for a long time. This place did NOT disappoint! 

The kids didn't know we were stopping here... they were quite excited!

  The museum is full of auto racing history. From Indy car, to NASCAR to things in between. It is so cool! And they have a lot of interactive things for the entire family.

 The kids (and their dad) tested their drag strip "tree" skills.

This is one of the biggest motors I have even seen. Huge... from a drag boat!

Evelyn LOVED this cool chair!

They have 3 different driving simulators. Matthew REALLY wanted to drive. They technically are for older kids, but the museum was slow and the volunteers thought Matthew's enthusiasm was great, so they let him.
Tim giving Matthew tips. They had to find something to prop him up so he could see...haha!

He's really driving!

Tim and Doug helped him quite a bit but overall he did really well!

My goofy race car driver celebrating in the mock Victory Lane!
What is REALLY in here, mom? Evelyn had to get in on the photo op, too, but was a bit leery of the bottle of milk! :)

We made it home in time for dinner and an early bedtime. It was definitely the high point of the kids' spring break, and I am thankful for family time!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

AWANA Grand Prix

Our AWANA Club's Grand Prix was today, and as usual we had a fun time and our proud of Evelyn and Matthew working hard to build their cars!!

They picked their designs a while ago.... Matthew wanted to make a stealth fighter and Evelyn wanted to make a whale car. Doug helped the with the bigger tools, but like in previous years, they did a lot of the work themsleves.

Working hard in Dad's shop to make their cars perfect. 

As always, the pancake breakfast was a hit with my family!

 This is Sable. And I love her!

 The raffle is always a HUGE hit! SO many amazing prizes!!
I was in charge of selling raffle/breakfast tickets again this year. And, as always, the early call time called for Starbucks! 

 Our amazing track, with a computer timing system and replay camera system to boot!

 The kids were ready to race. Both of them did awesome, each winning one and placing in several others. They did great!

Evelyn's cool whale car
Matthew's stealth fighter

My BIG raffle win!! I really wanted this Starbucks gift basket.. and I won it! It is worth at least $150. SO excited!!