Sunday, May 31, 2015

AWANA Camp 2015

It's the end of May... which means it is AWANA Camp time! Evelyn and I had another great weekend at Trout Creek Bible Camp with other friends from club. The weather was lovely and our time together was precious!

Evelyn and her good friend Heidi.. buddies for years. Love their sweet friendship!
It may be blurry, but how sassy do these girls look? They were talking about boys and fashion. They are EIGHT! I. Am. In. Trouble.
Love her to pieces!

Our Cabin 23 girls. The past 3 year of camp have just been moms and their girls in our cabin. This year, there were just three moms so I had to up my game a bit..haha! I thoroughly enjoyed being a true "counselor" this year.. these girls rocked!

AWANA camp consists of late nights and early mornings! I love the mornings, tho.. time to explore God's beauty and have a little mellow time with the girls before breakfast.

Group teaching time is fun and meaningful. Evelyn loves worship time the best. Lots of crazy music and dancing.

And of course it wouldn't be camp without time in the pool!

Forever friends...

Loved my time with Evelyn... so thankful God gave her to us!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day

We spent another fun Saturday-before-Memorial-Day with Doug's family today, heading to Dallas to clean up and put flowers on graves at the cemetery. Here's a photo diary of our day...

Grandma's toys... always a hit at any age!

Helping Grandad fill up the watering cans
I love this little peanut! Thankful she thinks I am a pretty cool aunt, too!

Each year the kids help more and more and get better and better. It has been fun to watch them grow in this way!

Lily and Matthew made friends with the cemetery cat
They are good buddies....
My nephew Greg.. he is a nut!
Evelyn has always had a soft spot for her cousin Mitchell and vice versa!

The "big boys".. this is them "smiling" for me. Sigh... good thing I love them!

I let the kids have a WHOLE can of soda. Matthew was just giddy about it.. oh my he loved every drink of that Sprite!
Good conversation around the fire
Trying to set up a cousin photo but missing Ben. It was a good practice shot.. and apparently Evelyn had some sillies she needed to get out.. haha!
....and the shanenegans continued when Ben showed up!

Oh Evelyn... this one would have been good if you had been good...haha!
The money shot.. love these faces!
One more silly one...
Ending with this smiling face. Thankful for a fun day with the Morris crew!