Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Fun Day

Spring Break started out kind of rainy and cold, but buy midweek the sun was out. The kids have been asking to go back to Multnomah Falls and hike to the top (they only made it to the bridge the last time we went, 4 years ago). So I decided to pack them up and head out to the Falls for a afternoon of hiking. It turned out to be such a fun time with my babies!

"There it is! There it is", was what they were squealing as we drove into the parking lot.
Ready and excited!

At the bridge. They both were just in awe of the power and beauty of the water.

Ok... THIS is where we made it to last time. This is right up the hill past the bridge. They remembered this little nook and we happy to pose for a photo.

Here is my baby girl 4 years ago in that same nook. My she has grown!

We took our time and stopped to grab a drink or a snack whenever needed. Both the kids were SO determined  to make it to the top, I didn't mind stopping when they asked!

Sweet little hikers!

This was our last pit stop, switch back 9 out of 11 I think. Almost there!
They were so happy to be at the top and see just how high the falls were!

So beautiful....
Can you see our car? :)

It was misty and a bit wet, but it was refreshing after the hike up. So proud of these two!

Warming up in the sun before we headed back down
No worse for the wear at the bottom! They understood now why I had said coming down was almost harder than going up! :)

Celebrating with ice cream!
This was one of the funnest little excursions I have done with Evelyn and Matthew, and they are ready to find more hikes to do this summer. I am ready, too!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big GIrl

We were heading out to run errands this morning and I had told Evelyn to get dressed, but hadn't heard from or seen her in a bit. I found her in her room, all ready to go. She had picked a very cute outfit, brushed and braided her hair, brushed her teeth and was ready to go.

My heart both was sad and bursting with pride. She is growing up and getting more independent every day. Bittersweet.. but such joy to watch as well.

I love my sweet little hippie chick cowgirl! :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

AWANA Grand Prix

Soon after getting home from Disneyland, the kids knew what was next to do... get started on their AWANA Gran Priz cars! There was 3 weeks from the time we got home until race day, so both Doug and the kids wasted no time getting started.Thankfully both the kids had decided a long time ago what kind of cars they wanted to make.. that left more time for design and building, which was most important!

Here's a photo diary of the build and the race!

Making sure it weighs just the right amount
Matthew was being silly and got really close to the camera.. and then he insisted this pic be on my "bwog"! :)

Using the drill press like a pro!

Break time for play time! 

Evelyn could almost operate the drill press on her own.. she's quite good with power tools!

Painting time... can you tell what they are?

Sanding off the wheels so the cars can be super fast!

Evelyn's carrot car!
(of course, I forgot to take a pic with Matthew and his car. Ugh...)

Matthew patiently waiting for the races to begin!

Evelyn's car
And HERE is Matthew's dogbone car. He was so proud of it! :)

They each had fast cars and had a great time at the Gran Prix. And they are already working on designing NEXT year's cars! :)