Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy, Fun, Halloween!

What a day we have had for Evelyn's first halloween! Our little "Monkey" did so well making lots of stops to show off her cute costume and to trick-or-treat.

Here she is in her getup.... She tolerated it so much better than we anticipated! This was one of the best pictures I could get... she wasn't in the posing mood!

First stop was Grandma's work. It was fun to see her and all of her friends.

Then it was on to Daddy's work. Evelyn LOVES to go visit there... everyone gets all excited about it and loves on her a lot.

After that we went by the hospital where I used to work to see all of my old friends. I love staying home with Evelyn, but miss the relationships I had at work. Anyhoooo... we had fun and she got lots of love. Below is Evelyn with Darcie. I went to Nursing School with her and we have pretty much worked together our entire careers. She LOVES halloween and always dresses up. This year she was a cowgirl. It was great to see her.

We went trick-or-treating this evening.. only a few places. Our first stop was Troy and Lucille's. They live across the street and are the neatest, loveliest people. We cherish them. They are one of the many reasons we call our neighborhood "Mayberry".

Evelyn is now in bed and her first halloween is over. I probably won't make as big of a deal about it next year. Its just so fun to document her "firsts". (Honestly, I'm not a big halloween person anyway).

Enjoy your candy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Love My New Tippy Cup!

Evelyn can use a tippy cup, but she prefers to drink out of my flip top water bottle, which does require my assistance. Yesterday I bought her a flip top tippy... she was so proud of herself for using it just like mommy does!

Taking a drink...

I did it all by myself! I am such a big girl!!

I just can't get enough of her!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Missing Dad

The other night I was struggling with feelings of inadequacy. I didn't feel worthy of the blessings I have been given. I was feeling selfish wanting to just relax yet overwhelmed with so much to do. I was down on myself for many reasons. Ever have one of those moments?

As I was FINALLY getting some of Evelyn's baby clothes put away into our storage area, I came across a bin full of my childhood stuff. I took a minute to look thru it for fun. I found an old note from my dad, written to me when I was about 10. It said:

Always be yourself-keep your loving caring heart. You are one of a kind. People will always like you because you are you!! You should give yourself more credit; you don't have to take second to anyone. Stand tall, and let the world see you. Daddy will always love you and always be there if you need me.
Love, Dad

My Dad was a great man. He and I were very close. He knew me so well and my struggles with confidence, even then. He loved me for who I am. When he died suddenly 5 years ago, a part of me died, too. I miss him and think about him
everyday. Reading this note was followed by a good cry and made me miss him even more.

At the same time, I took in those words in his note and was reminded that I AM one of a kind, created by a Holy God who loves me even more than my dad did. I need to put my trust and my confidence in Him and His word in order to maintain my self worth. I really need to read my Bible more. A lot more. It was a good reality check.

I am so thankful for the 31 years I had with my dad on earth, and look forward to living eternity with him, too! Somedays, tho, I just want him back. Like today!!

Make it a good day, people! You are loved and have worth in our Father's eyes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday Party Pressure

So, I guess it's time to start thinking about Evelyn's birthday. The party part, anyway.... I am NOT ready to think about the fact that my sweet baby is turning one in less than 2 months!

I am starting to stress about it a little bit. Both Doug and I have big families, and if we were to invite our friends as well as family, our guest list for one party could top 70 people. (Yes, I did say 70!) There is no way we could host that many at our house in the winter, even if our big basement was ready to entertain (its not finished yet). AND... its the holidays so I need to get the invites out to avoid conflict with other parties, etc.

What to do? I would really love to just have one party, but that would mean having it somewhere else, like getting room at church or renting someplace. That seems so impersonal and could be a lot of money, not to mention pretty overwhelming for Evelyn. So that's out.

Do I really want to have 3 parties. one for each side of the family and then one for friends? Would it be bad to have one of the get togethers at a restaurant? Is is bad to ask my mom or my in-laws to host one of the parties? Is it too much for Evelyn to have 3 cakes... seriously!? LOTS of questions and thoughts swirling around in this brain of mine.

We are reading a book in MOMS about mommyhood and stress. The latest chapter was on fear, or as the author puts in, "False Expectations Appearing Real". I know many creative and awesome people who have done some really cool things for their kids' first party. I feel like I, too, need to be super creative, doing my own crafty invites and making it into a big thing. I know that is a "false expectation" but seems so real to me. Evelyn is NOT going to care.... she has no clue really. Its really about me... feeling like I need to look good.

HELP!! Any ideas from you seasoned party throwers out there? I'd appreciate any input you many have. Thanks, friends!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Helmet Update #4... more good news!

(For those who have stumbled onto my blog and/or don't know the story... here's a quick rundown. Evelyn has preferred to sleep on her left side since birth, maybe even in-utero. We have tried unsuccessfully to change her ways. Therefore she has managed to misshape her head so much that we have to have her in a corrective helmet to get her head back symmetrical.)

WOW!! Once again we had an encouraging visit with the Orthotist. Evelyn is now only slightly asymmetrical in the three areas that we are measuring. We have come a long way in a short time. Randall (our friendly Orthotist) is hoping that maybe we can finish with 23hr/day therapy in four weeks!

FOUR WEEKS!! She has been in the helmet less than three months, and we were told she would most likely be in it for 4-6 months. THANK YOU LORD!! I am so excited... although trying not to get too excited as it might still be a while before she gets the helmet off.

We will keep you posted.

Ending with a pic of our little monkey... her first time on a swing at the park. She had SO much fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sometimes I want time to stand still.....

My baby is getting SO big!! Last night Doug installed her new "big girl" car seat. I packed up the infant seat with a few tears in my eyes, remembering when we put her in it for the first time...

... look at how little she was!! Only 6lbs 3oz!

And here she is in her new seat! She really likes it... can you tell? :)

I thought I would throw in a couple more cute shots... 'cuz its my blog.... and I can!

... helmet free!! Her hair is growing so fast under the helmet.. and turning a pretty shade of red/brown.

... She pulled herself up to standing using the dishwasher. Another first. So cute... I am proud! She is, too, apparently!

Thank you, Lord, for giving us our precious Evelyn. May we lead her in your ways and your truth with joy!