Monday, April 15, 2013

AWANA Grand Prix

Every year the AWANA club Evelyn attends does a "Grand Prix", where kids build their own wooden racer and have a big "race day" to show them off. It is a big deal for clubbers, mostly because the kids themselves have to do most of the work. Evelyn wanted to make a car this year, and her and Doug both had a great time with this project!

 Per the rules, Doug made her do most of the work, including using the drill press and other big tools. She did so great... and had a great teacher! She painted the entire thing all by herself, too. 

 43 cars were entered.. it was a fun day and the kids were really into it!

 This track has electronic timing/speeds/stats that are a part of it. Pretty cool!

 Evelyn's "Princess Convertable" (with a Cinderella polly pocket driving, of course!) won one of her three heats and at one time was in the top ten for average speed. She was so happy with her car and wants to "keep it always"! We are proud of her, her determination and her doing such a great job!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Soccer... sorta

Matthew has been wanting to take a soccer class FOREVER! He knew he could do a class with his favorite teacher at the Rec Center, Brian, once he turned 3. (He has had "Coach Brine", as he calls him, as a teacher in all of the mommy/kiddo classes we have taken). So finally the time had come to get started.. and he was super excited! This was his first class with just HIM, not with me. He seemed to not be phased by that at all... at first.

 Ready to go!

 Circle time!

 He listened very intently!
 This picture. This pose. Makes my heart smile. Matthew stands and walks with his hands behind his back often. My Grandma Tierney did the exact same thing. Love it!

He really wanted to shoot baskets with the soccer ball.. silly boy!

Sadly the excitement of class wore off half way thru and he melted into tears wanting me to be in class with him. We tried a couple more classes but each was met with hysterical crying and sobbing from my sweet boy. Apparently he just isn't ready yet emotionally, even tho I want him to be! :) We'll try again in the fall. He loves to play sports and I want him to learn more.. we just need him on board, too!!

It was fun while it lasted.. and I still love him to the moon and back!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Since Doug was sick, we had a low key Easter weekend, and sadly only the kids and I made it to church on Sunday. We still got to have some fun with my family at Grandma and Grandpa Doug's in the afternoon, and that made the day better!

My sweet Easter loves...

 Easter basket loot from Grandma and Grandpa Doug

 Exciting stuff, I tell ya!

 Cousins after the annual Grandpa Doug Easter Egg Hunt! 

 Lightening McQueen bubble maker.. a huge hit!

 Cole aiming his bubble gun at me.. silly boy!

 The amazing host and hostess!

 Pretty baby...

We are beyond words grateful to be able to celebrate our Risen Lord, who is the reason we can live, and live with hope and purpose!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom's Retirement

My sweet mom retired from her almost 30 year nursing career last week. To celebrate and show how much they love her, Metropolitan Pediatrics, where she has worked most of her career, threw her a big surprise party. It took a lot of planning and conspiring to pull it off, but between the clinic and the family, we did.. and she was so surprised and touched.

She came to the restaurant under the ruse that it was a "birthday/retirement" dinner  with friends Lynn and Jerry. Needless to say she was absolutely taken back when she saw almost 50 people waiting to celebrate her!

The cake says "The beach awaits..." for two reasons. First, my mom loves the beach and I am sure she will visit there more often now. Second, her co-worker couldn't bring themselves to have it say "goodbye" or "retirement".. they are still in denial! 

Her grandkids were there with flowers for her!

Amy, Diana, and Emily.. mom's coworkers since the start!

My kids were super cute as usual! :)

BEST picture of the night! My big sis Michelle drove over from Idaho to surprise mom, too. This was a TOTAL shock and my mom just melted into tears! Great moment!

She was pretty excited to see her Idaho grand kids too!

The kids were SO excited to see their Aunt Michelle.. she's pretty rad. 

All these people love my mom and are going to miss her at the clinic!

Two Doctors that were with mom from the start gave tributes to her. They were funny, meaningful, and well done. 

Drs. Ching, Moshofsky and Moore..  we think these men are pretty awesome!

Such a fun night to celebrate my mom, who has been such an example of excellence in her career, and a role model for many. Cheers to you, mom! Enjoy this next chapter!!