Thursday, April 21, 2016

Matthew and the Volcano

Evelyn did a project for the school science fair when she was in first grade. Ever since then, Matthew has talked about how he wanted to make a volcano for the science fair when he got to school. He was so excited when talk of this year's science fair started, and he was ready to build his volcano and blow stuff up! With the help of his awesome daddy and the rest of us, he pulled it off and did a great job!

Doug made the cage and the plan was for Matthew to paper mache the volcano together

For some reason, tho, he just did NOT want to do it. He was really fussy and whiny about it, so Evelyn and I just went ahead and did it. We had fun at least!

Matthew wanted to be in a picture with the final product. :) To his defense, he woke up a few hours after going to bed with a high fever. That probaby explains some of the fussiness. Poor buddy. Thankfully it was short lived.

After the paper mache was set, it was time to paint! Matthew had SO much fun with this part, and did quite a good job, too, with only a little help from daddy!

Then it was time for explosives....sort of! Doug used saw dust and an air compressor to simulate an eruption. Matthew thought it was brilliant and was happy to help as much as he could!

Doug filmed Matthew talking about and "setting off" the volcano and then edited it to make a looping video to run on the tablet at the science fair itself.
My boy at the fair. His "booth" got a lot of attention and was a fan favorite for the entire science fair. We are so proud of him for all of the work he put into his project and for learning lots and having fun along the way!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Baseball Game

Last night was the first baseball practice for Matthew's team, and today was the first game! The kids don't even have their uniforms yet but were still ready to play

My sweet boy....

These two have been friends since birth!
My boy had a big hit on his very first at-bat!
Ready in the outfield!

Matthew already seems to have improved since last year. We are excited to watch him play and grow more as the season goes on!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Baseball Starts!

It's baseball season again... and Matthew could NOT be happier! Once again we are playing with our buddies from church thru Westview Little League (we will move to Murrayhill LL next year). The first practice was tonight and it went well. The kids are adorable and ready to play in their first game!

Good friends are the best friends to play ball with!

Let's play ball!! :)