Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

We certainly had a fun Halloween!!

With me still recovering and the weather not being great, we didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year. :( We didn't even carve pumpkins until yesterday. But the kids had fun! We made them do most of the work.. and they really did a great job!

Both of their pumpkins turned out great!!

Today the kids had their parties at school. I was glad I felt well enough to go hang out with both of them for a while.

 My silly Chewy!
 Kellan was being silly as well!
 Thankful for good friends for my boy....
 These second grade teachers are so awesome!

This is Evelyn's last Halloween party at Fir Grove. Bittersweet for me, but the kids still had a fun time!
 Sweet Devon 

 Finn had the BEST costume!!
 They had a pumpkin hunt in the courtyard

 Love these kiddos...

The kids were both thrilled with their costumes this year!!

 They looked so awesome!! 

 Evelyn went trick-or-treating with one of her besties Elle and a group of friends this year... a first for her. It was kind of sad to let her go.. but I love that she has such great friends with great parents to go along with them.  She had a great time and I think appreciated the independence. Matthew and Doug had fun going out just the two of them. 

Examining the loot is one of their favorite things to do!!

Since it's a school night, they are now in bed trying to fall asleep. Tomorrow morning may be painful, but hopefully the memories of a fun night will help get them thru the day!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Unexpected Surgery

Back in July I went in for my yearly mammogram and my bi-yearly internal ultrasound. With so much cancer history in my family, this is what I do. The ultrasound revealed a large ovarian cyst on one ovary and a small one on the other. My primary doctor was surprised that I hadn't noticed or had symptoms. I had a repeat ultrasound done a month later and one of the cysts had almost tripled in size!! So.. it was off to a gynecologist who basically said the large cyst needed to come out, along with the ovary it was attached to. However, she felt that with my family history it would be better for me to see and gynecological oncologist, a doc who could do more testing while I was in surgery. That doctor felt that the cyst mostly likely was benign, but it would best for me to get a complete hysterectomy along with ovary removal. And soon. My risks are just too high to worry about keeping anything, especially since I am done having kids.

Two weeks ago I had surgery. It was supposed to maybe a two hour procedure, but it took over 4 hours! Apparently I was full of endometriosis that had wrapped itself around many things. Needless to say my recovery has been slower than planned. I am so thankful for Doug and the kids for taking such good care of me and doing what it takes to keep things running smoothly around here!

These sweeties were SO happy to have me home from the hospital!

They hate leaving my room at bedtime.... 

The kids have been great walking buddies in the evenings! 

The kids helped keep up with yard work
Evelyn did a lot of dinner making for us

And this guy was just amazing!! He takes such good care of me... of all of us!! (also..nice photo bomb, Evelyn!!)

I am on the road to healing and hope to be back to 100% soon!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Football Game

It's hard to believe this morning was Matthew's last football game! It has been such a great season for the boys and it has been fun to watch them work together and learn together.

Last huddle of the season...
Coach Conner and Coach Sam... so thankful for them!
Matthew was so fortunate that his great Aunt Mary came to EVERY game to support him. Today, his Uncle Don surprised him and showed up to watch him play. We are so thankful for them and their love for my boy!
Owen and the other team members are so special.. and I am so thankful for such good friends for Matthew!

We are already looking forward to next season!!