Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yesterday we drove down to Salem to watch my nephew Zach's last flag football game of the season. It also happened to be his 11th birthday the day before, so we had a party afterwards.

Matthew woke up ready to go watch "fuball" and had one of his footballs ready to take with him in the car. I don't know how many times he said, "I so 'cited'!" He loves football.. although he kept telling people at the party that his favorite sport is soccer. Love my sporty boy!

It was raining and cold (of course) so we bundled up the best we could. The kids were troopers butI am thankful that we got there with about 20 minutes left in the game!


Because I had Evelyn on my lap most of the time, I didn't get many pictures of  Zach in action, but I did get some. He really enjoys playing and seems to do very well, too!

Since it was their last game, there was a short awards ceremony after the game. His coach is so great... and totally reminded my of my uncle Scott. Excited, encouraging, and loves what he does. Make me tear up a bit.. I miss my uncle pretty bad!! We were all proud of Zach for getting a leadership award!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Doug was off today so we made the most of the beautiful morning and headed to our favorite place for pumpkins, Baggenstos!

A photo montage of our day...

 All dressed up and ready to go!

 Our favorite patch... 5 years in a row!

 Matthew checking it all out.. he wasn't as afraid of the noisy tractors this year. Phew!

 Daddy and his favorites

 "I see puhkins, mommy!"

 Yep, there they are!

 Matthew thought this dump truck was cool

 Being a boy and tipping over the poor pumpkins... he thought it was "fuddy" (how he says "funny")!

 So many pumpkins to choose from!

 Evelyn, as usual, found hers first! 

 A trip to the pumpkin patch is not complete without taking a break and romping thru the Christmas trees!!

 Doug trying to catch a tree frog that the kids saw. It went into hiding and we never found it.. sad!

 I think this is my favorite photo of the day!

 He found one!!

 My sweet family!
 Our ride back to the barn

 My two favorite men!

 My beautiful girl and me

 Hay Maze time!

 Evelyn twirling. She will dance anywhere... trust me!

 Happy boy running free!

 Working together to get thru the maze

 Love these two with every ounce of my heart!

 Crazy climbing kids! Last year, they were both too scared to climb on this thing. They are getting bigger.. and braver!

 Down she comes...

 Matthew likes to do what sissy does!

 Enjoying the slide

 "I go super fast, mommy!"

 They had a good chat with the chicken!

 At first, Matthew wanted NOTHING to do with putting his face in the pumpkin eyes. So Evelyn did it by herself.

 Then daddy joined her!

 Then Mr. Dude decided it would be okay... silly boy!

SO thankful to have a beautiful fall morning with Doug home to go get pumpkins! Another wonderful family memory made!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Fall 2012!!


And please indulge me as I take a trip down memory lane...






Thank you. I needed that today.

Happy Fall! Enjoy the beauty of the season!