Sunday, June 26, 2016

First Camping Trip

We have wanted to go camping with the kids for the past few years, but due to my health (herniated disc in my neck 2 years ago) and the cat's health (she got in a fight with the neighbor dog last summer and was on kitty bedrest for way too long and we couldn't leave her) it just didn't happen. BUT... this summer... we did it! We just got home from a super fun weekend camping on the Clackamas River. It was a wet weekend, raining off and on the whole time, but the kids knew no different and had a ball anyway! They are already asking to go again!

Here's a photo montage from our trip.

 Our campsite was big and perfect for all of our stuff.

The kids hung out in their tent and explored while Doug and I set up the rest of camp.


The kids enjoyed the water pump!

In Big Stick Heaven!!

The beautiful river was fun to explore too!

Love these three!

He is all boy... making a "laser gun" with a piece of wood!

The evening was spent eating roasted marshmallows, being silly, riding bikes, playing games, and enjoying the camp fire.

They rode and rode and rode around the campground and loved it!
Quirkle was a hit all weekend!
I honestly wasn't sure how they would do in their own tent.. but they did great and slept all night without a peep.. both nights!

Daddy making a fire in the misty morning air. He takes such good care of us!

Morning glories... :)

This is "Chippy", a chipmunk who frequented our campsite. He was a cutie and the kids thought he was the sweetest thing. 

Doug helped the kids make "sailboats"  out of big sticks and big leaves
They put them in the water and watched the go downstream.

Starting off on our hike!

We hiked for a good hour... the kids did great and loved seeing the beautiful outdoors!

They were pretty excited to be done with the hike too....haha!

More exploring was done that evening and after another good night's sleep we packed up and headed home. The kids wished we could have stayed longer and I think Doug and I wished that, too. We are excited that they love camping and look forward to more camping this summer and in the years to come!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day of School!!

I have to say that I have NEVER been so happy to see this day come! While the kids were a little melancholy about not seeing their teacher and friends as much this summer, I am rejoicing that I don't have to pack lunches, force kids to bed, send them off for 6.5 hours all week, or make them do homework!! I love having my chickens back in their nest for the next 10 weeks or so!

It has been a big year for all of us. This was my first school year with both kids in school all day. I still don't like it and I still miss them, but I did enjoy the quiet. I was hoping to get lots of stuff done.. but between being at school for various reasons and napping (haha... for reals... I have lots of sleep to catch up on after 9 years of not sleeping as much!) I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but look forward to managing my time better next year! Here's a recap of our last day!


The kids were NOT into "last day of school" photos. At all. But I did get a few good ones, I guess!! Turkeys!!

Evelyn and her bestie Ellie both won the Presidential Academic Award this year. Only one girl per class gets it. SO proud of theses girls!

Each kid in Matthew's class got an award. Matthew got the "Future Mathematician Award" for being the best math student. He takes after his daddy is this way. He loves math and is quite good at it!

Speaking of the boy, he was fortunate enough to have TWO teachers this year. Mrs. Davis in the morning and Mrs. Pearson in the afternoons. Matthew really had a tough transition into (full day) kindergarten. He started off strong but then really started to struggle leaving me in the morning and being anxious about every little thing. I was at school often to comfort and help him (which in the end really didn't help as much as me just not being there at all). He prayed for courage every night and things got better over time and he saw God answering his prayers and he realized that he was going to be okay! These two teachers were instrumental in this growth and helped him (and me) so much. They, too, were so proud of how hard he tried to be brave and how he overcame these things. I am so thankful for his teachers!

Mrs. West was great and Evelyn enjoyed being in her class. She has yet to have a teacher all of us didn't like!!

I usually volunteer in Matthew's class on Friday afternoons so it was fun to be able to capture his FIRST "Last Day of School"!

 Matthew's buddy Owen. They have been almost inseparable this year!

 Signing their "yearbooks"
Each year the 5th graders run thru the hall and high-five all of the "underclassmen". The kinders always think this is pretty cool.

 These kids... those teachers... I will miss them!
 Matthew getting his "First Grade Pencil" (It says "I am now a 1st grader").
Kids and teachers blowing kisses at the end of the day. Bittersweet goodbyes for all of them.

We continued our "Menchie's on the Last Day of School" tradition and enjoyed frozen yogurt with lots of friends.

These kids... love them and our "Menchie's on the last day of school" tradition! Thankful for the moms and dads of these faces who keep me sane, encouraged, and laughing!

Another school year in the books... a school year that I am happy to be finished with for sure! In no time I will have a 1st grader and a 4th grader. Until then, I plan on thoroughly enjoying my summer!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Matthew's First Field Day

Every year Fir Grove does a "Field Day", a day full of fun, games, and good times. Matthew has been to several of these days in the past, as he has tagged along with me as I have helped with Evelyn's class during their Field Day times. This year, tho.. was HIS year! His first one.. and he was super excited!!

His two best buds, Owen and James.. ready to get started!

And, of course, they chose to get their Otter Pops FIRST! Silly boys!

Let's just say both these boys will most likely NOT be in the table tennis olympics.....haha!!
Our neighbors, Ollie and Cannon

Jenga was way more fun cuz Mrs. Warren was helping!

These boys were just a wee bit excited for the water balloon launcher! :)

Look at my boy go! :)

The day ended with a tug-o-war with the other kinder classes. Matthew's class didn't win, but man, they had fun trying! 

Matthew said it was the "funnest day of school ever" when he got home from school. I am thankful for Fir Grove and that his first Field Day was a success!!