Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Like I have said in my two other Halloween posts from 07 and 08, we aren't big Halloween people, but feel like we want to make it a fun (not scary) day for our kids.

This year Evelyn got to choose what she wanted to be. "A PUMPKIN!!" she exclaimed very confidently. So.. that's what she was. I had great aspirations of making her something, but ended up finding a BRAND NEW costume on Craigslist for $10. Couldn't pass it up!

Here's my sweet, adorable Pumpkin all dressed up:

We usually go to my mom's work, the hospital where I used to work, and to Doug's office on Halloween. Since the 31st is today, Saturday, yesterday was the day to make our "rounds". However, with the flu epidemic and all, we stayed away from my mom's clinic and the hospital and just went to see daddy at work and brought "the guys" (as Evelyn calls his co-workers) Halloween cupcakes, which was lots of fun!

Evelyn laughing with Daddy

Going trick-or-treating around Doug's office. She was SO shy at first but warmed up toward the end of our visit!

Last year Evelyn wanted nothing to do with trick or treating on our neighborhood. This year it was the same thing. Not a big deal to us... we know she'll go eventually! She once again stayed home and helped Daddy pass out candy to the kids.

AND.. if you look closely at the last two pics, you will see Doug's project of the day. He put in a new entry floor and it looks AMAZING! He is going to grout the tile in tonight after the kids stop showing up. Mouldings are going up soon, too! I love having such a handy AND handsome husband!!!

So, now, its 8:30. Evelyn is asleep. Doug is up handing out candy. The cat is whining because we won't let him outside (he is all black... we usually keep him inside on Halloween night). I am blogging and watching my Ducks TROMP USC!! What a great Halloween!!

Hope you had a good one, too!!

Evelyn's FIRST Haircut

... wasn't the momentous moment I had hoped, with laughs and pictures of my big girl sitting in the chair getting her hair cut for the first time. Instead it was a tearful, wing-it moment, but we got thru it and got almost 3 inches cut off. The good thing is you really can't tell, AND her hair is SO much healthier now!

She has been excited about going to get her hair cut for a while, but we wanted to wait until summer swimming and fall swim lessons were over. I decided that Wednesday was the day. She was SO excited on the drive over there. She wanted to wear her halloween costume... which was fine. Well, we got there and she did a complete 180 and wanted NOTHING to do with sitting in the chair or getting her hair cut. She actually ran and tried to hide in the corner! I tried bribing her with M&Ms from the candy machine but even that didn't work. Thankfully Joanie, one of our favorite stylists there, was SO patient and accomidating. She ended up cutting Evelyns hair in the lobby while Evelyn stood in front of me with me reading her books. She was really amazing, and the cut is great!!

Here are the few not-so-great pics from the outing!


.. but cooperating as long as I was reading to her!

By the end she was letting Joanie cut and was standing still.

Finishing up, costume on and M&M's on her face!

Sadly I have no "after" pics.. she didn't want to have the camera on her the rest of the day. It doesn't look that different, but like I said, it looks healthier and is SO much easier to comb thru.

.... And that is the story of Evelyn's first haircut. Heehee!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Last year we had SUCH a fun time at the Pumpkin Patch and were looking forward to going again this year. My sister and her family invited us to meet them out at Lee Farms in Tualatin. We thought we'd give it a go. To be honest, I think I like Baggenstos better, but that could be cuz this 33 week preggo momma isn't a fan of big hills and walking around large acreage these days!! Evelyn had SUCH a fun time, tho.. we all did!!

My sis and her cute family!

This place has EVERYTHING....

Pumpkins, of course.. a big hit with Evelyn!

Really yummy and warm kettle corn...

Pony rides... her and her cousin Cole had a BLAST!

A big slide Evelyn and Doug braved.. it went really fast and Evelyn look SO frightened most of the way down, but started laughing and wanted to go again when she was done!

A "jumpy thing", as Evelyn called it. She had fun jumping. Doug... well, the jury is still out! ;)

The obligatory "How Tall am I this year at the Pumpkin Patch" photo op...

And a pretty lake that her and daddy had some precious time looking at. "It's SO pretty, daddy!"

Needless to say we all were pretty tired when we got home tonight, and my sweet girl was asleep before 7pm. Overall a very fun fall afternoon with family!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What to do..

... when your little girl is asleep before 7pm, your husband is helping out at a church event until late and you are too tired to do much of anything (despite having a LOT to do...)? If you are me, you apparently get a blog post done!

Of course, being tired, I am not very creative either! Here are some pics from the past few weeks...

Evelyn doing a project with daddy in the shop. Notice the goggles... safety first!!

Evelyn LOVES to go out and find puddles to stomp in after it rains.. she giggles and squeals and jumps "so high into the sky"! I love the post-rain walks we get to take!

Its hard to believe that a week prior to rain and puddles.. it was warm enough to wear short and help daddy wash the car! She was COVERED in soap.. and had a blast!!

I tried to get some cute pics of her in one of her favorite summer dresses.. but she wasn't really in a picture mood. Her face is still sweet tho!

I realized when posting them that most of these shots are a bit blurry. I REALLY need to work on my camera skills... UGH!

That's what I have for you all tonight... I just might have to follow in my daughter's footsteps and head to bed myself!

Goodnight, all!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

33 Weeks...

... and counting down! I am so excited to be nearing the end of this journey, although I know it means the beginning of an entirely different yet equally exhausting one!

First of all, the baby is fine. I haven't had any more spotting since last month (they still don't know what was causing that.... weird!) The last ultrasound showed he was growing fine and looking good. Except he was breech. Not too excited about that, but my doc says most babies turn after 34 weeks and she is not worried. I actually think he turned a couple of days ago (yeah.. that didn't feel good!) .. we'll find out at my appointment next week. He is measuring small like his big sister, which is fine with me. I liked birthing a small baby! I am curious just how big he will be since I feel so huge this time around.

And yes, he is very much MALE!! The tech just laughed when she saw his "things". "No doubt you got a boy in there", she said! It was nice to have confirmation, since the first ultrasound "looked like" a boy but the tech didn't seem to sure. No tears this time either.. I am fully excited to have a son and look forward to the many joys having a boy will bring.

I am feeling about the same as I did the last time I updated on the pregnancy: large, clumsy, and tired.. oh, so tired! I am not sleeping well and its starting to take its toll on me. The last few days Evelyn has not napped, which has made it a bit more painful. I remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with Evelyn, but it certainly was not this early on. I just really need to get over myself, stop whining and keep chuggin' along!

We are busy getting things ready, getting out all the baby "stuff" and getting the nursery together. I get more excited as things come together!!

So... that's about all I have. 33 weeks down, who knows how many left to go!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Evelyn...

Today was a hard day, wasn't it? We certainly had our share of battles, time outs, spankings, and tears. I think mommy even gave herself a time out or two! I am glad you are sleeping peacefully now and am looking forward to a clean slate and a fun new day tomorrow.

When God blessed daddy and me with you, He gave us many jobs... one of the hardest being teaching you right from wrong and teaching you that there are consequences to your actions. Please know we are doing the best we can to teach you these things, and that we are doing it out of our unconditional and abundant love for you and for our great God!!

I am SO glad you are excited to meet your new brother and know you will be the best big sister EVER! It will be a big change for you, though... for all of us. This actually makes mommy a little sad because although your brother will bring MUCH joy, my one on one time with you is coming to an end. Be sure, though, that my love for you will NEVER change or be any less when your brother comes. In fact, I bet... I just bet... I will love you more then than I do right now!! ;)

You are growing into such a beautiful, happy and sweet young lady who loves life. You are so bright and long to learn about everything you can. You love to read, sing (loudly!) and dance... sometimes all at the same time! You love to run and play outside, exploring the world God created. Your caring spirit and soft heart are apparent in your interactions with your friends and family. You love Jesus and learning about Him... and we hope someday soon you will claim Him as your Lord and Savior. And of course, you love to laugh. You like to be silly and have fun... mommy and daddy love that about you. You make us laugh and put a smile on our hearts and faces. We love you SO much.... there really are no words to describe how much!

I will be praying that the next few months brings many happy times amidst the changes. I will pray for your heart, your mind, and your attitude. I want you to be accepting of your new brother and love him like Daddy and I do, and at the same time not feel like you are displaced by him or by us. We will have so many fun times together, all four of us... we can't wait to introduce him to you! As you turn three in a few months, we look forward to seeing just how much more you learn and grow your mind, body and spirit. We've also had a tough couple of weeks... lots of disobedience and sassy talk toward me and daddy. This is so unlike you.. yet I also know it can be part of the growing up process. Daddy and I need you to do better with this. More importantly, God wants you to do better. We know you can... and, like I said before, its our job help you with that. It may be hard going for while.. but we'll get through it. Together. I promise!

So, my sweet pea, those are thoughts I have for you tonight as I listen to you sleeping over the monitor. Even after days like today... you put a smile on my face and in my heart as well.

As you like to tell me, "You are the best ever!!" I love you, Evelyn Joy!

Love, Mommy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Is Here!!

.... and someone is quite happy about it!!

I love this time of year, especially being pregnant. I usually enjoy summer, but the heat wasn't very fun for me this year. I will miss moments like this, however:

The ones I love!

Goodbye Summer! I am looking forward to cozy fires, candles, and pumpkin spice latte's!!

Happy Fall!!