Thursday, April 26, 2012


Evelyn loves to cook. She is learning how to do more in the kitchen as she grows and enjoys it so much. She is also a big fan of Giada DeLaurentiis, a famous TV chef. My kids don't watch a lot of TV, but 2 or 3 times a week Evelyn and I will watch 30 minutes of Giada together snuggling on the couch. I am not sure who enjoys that more! (smile)

Well... when I heard that Giada was coming to Portland for a book signing to promote her new cookbook, I knew I had to take my sweet pea to meet her! She was beyond excited, counting down the days until "the big day"!

The day of the signing,  we got down there TWO AND A HALF hours prior to the 4pm signing so we could be one of the first people in line and hopefully get home before 5:30 so Evelyn could make it to AWANA. I was not sure how well Evelyn would do waiting for that long, but we packed a bag of fun stuff to pass the time and set off. Needless to say, she was a ROCKSTAR! We were about 20th in line and had fun hanging out, reading, talking and being thankful that it wasn't raining! She didn't complain once and didn't ask "how much longer?" as much as I thought she would! The nice people at Williams Sonoma on 23rd also brought us samples of Giada's recipe's, which was a fun treat too. When it was finally time, and the line started moving, Evelyn go SUPER excited, giggling and jumping up and down. It was pretty cute.

Evelyn had brought Giada two things: a large lemon and a picture of a lemon she had drawn (if you don't know, Giada LOVES lemons and uses them in a lot of her cooking). Giada said hi to Evelyn and when Evelyn said hi back and handed Giada her gifts, Giada and everyone surrounding us said a collective "awwwwwww"! Giada thought that was the sweetest and chatted with my girl for a bit. She asked Evelyn what she liked to cook and pointed out her daughter's favorite recipes in the cookbook (Jade is 4). Evelyn wasn't shy and talked well. It was the sweetest moment. The smile and joy that exuded from Evelyn was absolutely priceless... a moment I won't forget for sure.

Ok.. pictures. You want pictures. Well.. sadly... I don't have many. There were very specific rules about cameras. One of which was NO flash. And things were so rushed. AND I was taking the whole experience watching Evelyn. Therefore, ALL of my pictures turned out blurry!   I was so sad. BUT.. because my sweet girl captured so many people's attention, we had two pictures of us up on the Williams Sonoma facebook page!!! "I'm on the internet!!", Evelyn squealed, so proud and excited!

Here are the pics I took and ones from the WS site:

 Waiting patiently...

Love her to bits!

Ev and I in line.. it was SO long!
Next in line.... SO excited!!

Her shining moment.. they were talking to the WS manager!

She was SO nice.. and SO tiny!! It was a treat to meet her!

Since there were hundreds of other people waiting for the same opportunity we had, it was time for us to go. I am not sure if Evelyn stopped smiling the rest of the day!! "That was one of the best days of my life!" she said on the way home.

Mine, too, sweetie. Mine, too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Taste of (Hopefully) What's to Come

We had summer-like weather the past few days, a welcome treat for all of us, especially this vitamin D deprived momma!! We have gotten in plenty of bike riding, park playing, basketball shooting and soccer ball kicking! Yesterday it was predicted to be in the 80's, and all Evelyn could talk about was getting out the sprinkler! Thankfully the weatherman got it right and indeed it was a hot afternoon. The sprinkler came out of hibernation and was put to good use, creating a fun afternoon with LOTS of smiles and squeals from my little people!!

A few shots from our fun time.....

 This might be my favorite of Matthew... love his face!

 He had a blast.. can ya tell?

We took a break and enjoyed a smoothie.. Evelyn thought it was so funny that she got it all over her face! She loved soaking up the sun and enjoying a summer treat!

Apparently the temperatures fall today and rain returns tomorrow, but I am thankful for the glimpse of summer we had! It's going to be a fun summer for sure.. if and when it shows up to stay! HA!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

What a wonderful way to celebrate our Risen Lord... with a glorious sunshiny Sunday! What a treat for all of us! We had a fun day!

We did dye Easter egg this week, but I didn't get many photos!

Matthew really got into it this year!!

We got all snazzed up and went to church Sunday morning. After naps, we headed to my mom's (well, three of us did. Doug sadly had to go into work, but thankfully was able to join us later) to hang out with my family.

"Cuzzies"... this was the best we could get. I think they did pretty good... and looked SO cute!

I had to post this one because my niece Regan's face just makes me giggle! I love her!

I attempted to get a shot with my munchkins... as you can see, they weren't in the mood!

LOVE this one of E and M!

The Easter Bunny comes to Grandma and Grandpa Doug's house! Matthew enjoying his new "hot rod"!

My little bunny princess!

Regan blowing bubbles (yes, we brought clothes for the little people to change into, and we are glad we did!)

My sweet girl!

Drink break...

Gosh, I love him!

I brought the ice cream maker over to make dessert. The kids enjoyed "helping" me! HA!

Hangin' out by the tree...

A sweet moment between sister and brother!

I should clarify that 3 out of 4 kids changed out of their nice clothes. Mr. Dapper pants really didn't want to.. he was too busy riding his fire truck. He rarely got off it all afternoon! He finally did change clothes.. only because he had a major blowout.. lovely!

Chris and Lo

Momma's pretty Easter table!

Their bowls were licked clean within minutes!

Love this man....

Oh.. I almost forgot. We did attempt to get a family shot after church using the timer mode on my camera. Not the best thing with little kids.. but we did get one decent one!

Take one... haha!

Matthew "helping"!

Best one of the lot!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swim Time!

Yesterday was the first day of swim class, for both kids this time. Matthew has only been in the water a few times, and really hasn't enjoyed it too much. I wasn't sure how he would do in the "mommy and me" class, but I decided to give it a try. It is scheduled the same time as Evelyn's lessons, so we all can go together and I can keep an eye on her as well (we are in the same pool, just opposite ends).

I am happy to report that it was a HUGE success, for both of them. Evelyn did fabulous and Matthew... well... let's just say he did NOT want to get out of the water!! He had a blast!!

Thankfully Jody was able to go with us (Doug is out of town) to help manage the first day unknowns with me and also take pictures! Thanks, JoJo!!

My little swimmer heading to class. He looked so stinkin' cute in his trunks and sandals!

My princess/poser was ready to go!!

Here we go!!

Evie getting to know her classmates and teacher Chris

Time to get wet!

Every time I looked over at her, she was smiling, even with Chris. (Usually she is a bit timid around "boys" of any age, but did okay with him.. yay!)

Being goofy!

Matthew grabbed a ball on the way in to the pool and would NOT let go of it.

Chasing after the ball!

Jumping to momma!

Happy little man!!

Thankful that things went well and that we are well on the way to having some good swimmers!!