Saturday, December 29, 2018

Quick, Fun Beach Trip

We headed over to Lincoln City for a night to see Michelle, Eric and the Johnson family, who were there for the week. We grabbed a hotel for the night but spent most of the time at the beach house the Johnson's rented. It was SO good to see them... it's been since Curtis' graduation party in August.
It was a quick but fun little getaway

Matthew and Aunt Michelle are pretty tight...
And we all love Stella the dog!

Eric's mom bought some gluten free scone mix for Evelyn so she wouldn't be left out at breakfast She invited Evelyn over early in the morning to bake with her too. We love Linda (and Steve too) and how they have adopted us and the kids and love us well. Evelyn really enjoyed time with Linda and the scones were amazing!

The weather was SO rainy.. so lots of games were played and movies were watched!

But the rain did not keep the kids out of the hot tub. They had the best time!

Love these three!

Grateful to see Michelle and crew and thankful for a fun little getaway for us!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

City Lights

Every year the kids and I go down to city park one evening to see the holiday lights they have up. Usually it's the kids and I and we go after an early dinner, before Doug gets home from work. With both the weather and the kids' schedule and just timing not being right, we didn't get down to the park before Christmas. Thankfully they keep the lights up thru New Years so we got do go down there tonight. The cool thing was that Doug is off this week so he got to come with us, which made it extra special!

I'll let the photos do the talking. It was a super chilly and super fun night... that ended at Burgerville for chocolate pepperment milkshakes!

I love this tradition and am glad Doug got to come this year! We're milking Christmastime as long as we can!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!!!! 

Matthew praying before we started opening presents... we love his huge heart for Jesus!

A new chair for her room.

He loves his new hat!
Doug showing Matthew the design for a new "Ninja Warrior" obstacle coarse in our backyard. That was our big gift to him, along with all the supplies. He is SO excited!

He also got a pull up bar. Matthew is going to get in shape this year apparently! :) 
Evelyn loves her plush blanket from Jody.. teal of course!

Bodie got into the Christmas spirit too... sort of!

Doug's brother and his family as well as Aunt Mary came over this afternoon. We, as always, enjoy our time with them on Christmas Day. One of our favorite holiday traditions! And, in keeping with tradition, I get hardly any photos because I am just enjoying the company. 

Love these kids.. and the relationship they have!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve

The kids are all tucked in, all the gifts are under the tree, and I am SO excited for tomorrow! But ... that doesn't mean today wasn't super fun and amazing. Here's a recap of our Christmas Eve...

Let's first, tho, go back to last weekend, when we went to Salem to celebrate with the Morris clan. Didn't get many photos, but we had a lovely time.

The big boys... my  nephews are growing up!
My bro-in-law and Aunt Mary. Love them both...

Lillian reading the Christmas story. She did a super  job!

The kittens were a hit with Evelyn... of course!!

OK... now onto today. We had a low key morning, then headed for church.

Candlelight Service is my favorite.

We headed over to mom's after church and had a family get together there. Always a lovely time.

My beautiful niece, Regan, who is 10 and almost as tall as me! 

Mom's always got sweets galore at Christmas time.. and we all love that about her! 
Cole and Matthew counting Santa's at Grandma's.. there's a lot of them!

Time for presents! 

Watching The Polar Express... a Christmas tradition with the cousins!
We got home and got into jammies.. then the kids had to try out their new spooner boards from Grandma and Grandpa. :) 

I will enjoy the quiet and dim Christmas tree lights for a little longer then head to bed. 

May your hearts prepare HIM room tonight...