Friday, December 30, 2016

Family Beach Time

For our final Christmas adventure (there have been several this year!) we went to the beach to spend time with my sister and her family who were there on vacation. We decided to stay in a hotel for a night and then spend the day at the beach house with Michelle and company before heading home. We had a splendid time to say the least!!

Hotel pools are the COOLEST! They could have spent the whole day in there I think..haha!!

He had the entire hot tub to himself and thought that was pretty awesome!

After some pool time we headed to Bella Beach to see my sister and fam.
My happy place... such a beautiful day!
Playing cards and eating chips... what could be better?

Evelyn took these selfies.. and did pretty good too!
This is where my sister was staying.. right on the beach. Perfect!
My favorites...
Aunt Michelle and cousin Abby know how to be silly!
Doing what my kids do on the beach.. run like crazy!
Love that guy!

My sister, Eric, and the kids usually come to our house over the holidays, but since they have a new (and big) puppy, they felt the beach would be better for her and for them this year. The kids got in some quality "Stella time" and we thoroughly fell in love with her!

A rare shot of my amazing nephew Curtis. Love him!
I think this is my favorite photo of the day...

Come and get me, waves!!

Umm.. yeah... it was windy and cold. Pretty, but oh so cold!

Watching Home Alone with the cousins
Tired Stella
Tired Doug...haha

...because he is a boy and anything is a weapon. Sigh...
Eric and Michelle and Stella

Such a beautiful start to the sunset.
Matthew and Stella became good buddies. This was the last picture I took before we left. Matthew didn't want to say goodbye. She kinda likes him too! :)

Such a super fun (but not long enough) time with my sister. Thankful for the amazing and beautiful beach and my amazing family. This was one of our favorite Christmas celebrations for sure!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas at Mom's

We went to mom's today to have a Christmas celebration with her, her Doug and Doug's sister Louise who was visiting from Florida. It was a lovely time together!

Mom's tree.. always pretty.
My sweet family...

Mom put the wrong tags on the kids' new pj's.. their faces and reaction was priceless!!

After borrowing and loving the instant camera at her birthday party, my mom got her one of her own for Christmas. She was pretty jazzed about it!!
Mom and Doug's friends Lynne and Jerry came for dinner as well. Lovely company all around.

We watched Polar Express.. a favorite.
The hostess with the mostess!
Evelyn's allergies were starting to bother her so we went outside and hung out on the patio swing. Cold but lovely time with her!
The dinner bunch... a fun group.

A fun evening for sure... thanks, mom!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!!

The kids were up early (as usual) and were silly and excited to get things started!

He has wanted a fox back pack beenie boo for a long time!!
Creepy eyed Naomi even got a gift!!
Opening their "group" gift.. a iPad to share. They love it and are super excited to have one!

 Basketball and football from Aunt Lolo and Uncle Chris... a huge hit!

 Naomi enjoyed her toy mouse and her new laser pointer toy...

I got some shelves for the basement... so excited to organize the kids' toys!!

The afternoon was spent with Doug's aunt and his brother's family. Every year I fail to get photos of our time together, mostly because I am thoroughly enjoying myself and forget!! We had a super time as always... its one of my favorite things of the day each year!!

We all went to bed thankful and happy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. May your hearts prepare Him room this year and always!!