Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beach Camping 2017

We just returned from our annual beach trip. We decided to try something different this year and we went camping on Devil's Lake instead of staying at our usual condo/hotel in Lincoln City. We had the most amazing time and loved out time together!

Heading out!
Ready for anything, this guy!
They were very helpful in setting up camp this time around. Love these two!
The kids each were given a bag to pack "stuff" they wanted to bring along camping. We really didn't police this and were laughing at what ended up coming along. Evelyn brought a decorative lantern to hang up, her pink digital clock and pictures of Naomi. Matthew brought some legos and other silly stuff. Maybe we'll check those bags next time we go camping... HA!
Helping dad start a fire...

This place is so beautiful! We chose to camp so we could combine canoeing on the lake as well as playing on the beach. 

There is a boardwalk from the campground that takes you right to the beach!

It was a wee bit windy some days!

Football with dad was a favorite activity for Matthew.. both on the beach and at the campground.

Each time we take the canoe out they get better and better. Doug is so patient with them and much silliness is had on their outings. 

We loved our time on the beach!

There were some big trees to climb at the campground that the kids enjoyed

Countless laps around the large campground were had by both kids.. and mom and dad too! :)

My first time doing foil meals... the were so yummy and easy!

We made popcorn over the campfire and it was delish!! And yes.. the kid did have a movie night and had the best time!

We all stayed up super late and walked a ways to see the starts. It was a beautiful evening.

We had an afternoon of beautiful weather at our favorite beach, Gleneden. 

Matthew wanted to make a bow while camping, so he and Doug worked on one and it was perfect!
There was a Dutch Bros within walking distance from the campground so our last morning we walked up and got some coffee and hot cocoa instead of making it at camp. 
The campground has several kids activities planned every week during the summer. The kids had fun at a safety expo and got to tour a police boat and other things. 
"Cheers!" This happened almost every day on our trip! :) 

Our last afternoon at the beach.. and it was perfect!

He got pummeled by a wave and got soaked... and he was laughing hysterically about it!

Tired from all the fun? I would say so! They never sleep in the car!

SO thankful for a fun week away together and glad camping is becoming a great option for our family.