Monday, November 30, 2009

March 26th Seems like forever ago...

That's the day I got surprised by this:

.. and what a AWESOME surprise that was!!

39 weeks and 3 days ago I found out I was pregnant! There are days when it seemed like December would ever get here, then there were days when I wished I could just stop time and enjoy each moment just a little more. But everyday I was so thankful and excited to meet this little child!

So, Matthew is almost here. I wish he was here already. First off, I just want to see his little face and welcome into this world with lots of love. Secondly, I have not particularly enjoyed the past couple of weeks, and the rate its going, I might have another week left to go. I have been having contractions off and on.. and they are getting stronger... but nothing consistent or anything that I am getting excited about. It's also getting more and more difficult getting around, up and down stairs, out of bed, etc. I am glad it will be over soon!

At my last appointment I was just slightly dilated and slightly effaced, nothing to indicate anything was gonna happen soon. BOO! She also informed me that she thinks he is about 8 pounds. 8 POUNDS!!! AHHHHHHH!!! That is TOO big!! I so enjoyed birthing a small child last time.. I am actually a bit frightened about pushing out this big boy! OUCH!! I am hoping she is just a bit off and he is smaller than that! On a positive note, he still is head down and hasn't flipped back to breech... that would NOT be good!

I am trying to keep up with house things so I don't have to come home to laundry, dishes, etc. I usually don't mind cleaning... but now I would LOVE to have a housekeeper, cook, etc (picture Alice from this Brady Bunch... I wonder how much she charged?). Evelyn and I have enjoyed playing Candyland and other activities that aren't so hard on me. She has been quite considerate of my limitations.. I heart her!!

Evelyn, tho, has been a bit more clingy lately.. I am sure she is sensing a "disturbance in the force" if you will. We talked with her last night about me being gone for a little while when I have her brother and that I will come back. She was very matter of fact about it and was quite agreeable. Me, on the other hand... I couldn't stop crying. I wanted to be strong for her.. but no, I was a teary mess. I am NOT looking forward to being away from her.. that is probably the only negative thing about Matthew's arrival! I wish she could come visit me... but I am just holding on to how sweet it will be when I DO come home and get to see her and introduce her to her brother!

So.. really, overall I am doing fine. Hangin' in there. Not much else I can do about it! :) God has been SO good to us these past 9 months, carried us and blessed us beyond measure. We trust that He has Matthew, me and all of us in His hands and will hold us close during this time.

Hoping to have a smaller tummy and sweet baby photos in my next post!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Quick Christmas Tree Hunt...

I really wanted to get our Christmas tree and get the house decorated before Matthew gets here. I can't imagine trying to do it with a newborn! So my goal for Thanksgiving weekend was to do just that. Thankfully I didn't go into labor beforehand and we "got 'er done!"

Last year we took our sweet time at the farm and enjoyed all it had to offer. This year, with me being SO large and just wanting to, as I said, "get 'er done", we knew we were going to make it a quick trip and hoped that Evelyn wouldn't be upset about it.

Well, about 5 minutes after we piled out of the truck and got our boots on to go tree hunting, Evelyn totally face-planted onto the muddy, rocky road. Poor thing! She was fine, only scraping her knees and hands up a bit, but she was SO upset. It took a while to calm her down, but she finally was ready to go look for a tree. We knew at that point our quick trip wouldn't be an issue with her!

We love Hagg's Tree farm, and as usual, found our tree pretty quickly. Doug and the "Chainsaw Guy" as Evelyn calls him, chopped it down and off we went. (FYI... Evelyn doesn't like the sound of large power tools... it scares her. Of course, she can be yelling at the top of her lungs and not understand why we don't like that! Sheesh!)

Here are some of the very few pictures I took!

Love this place!!

Evelyn hiking up the big hill with daddy!

I SO love her!! Isn't she the cutest?
Evelyn and Doug on the hunt!
The obligatory tree marker! ;)

We made it to the farm and back within 2 hours.. a record for us, I think! Our tree is up and looks beautiful, the house is decorated (just a little.. I don't want to have to put a shload of stuff away later with Matthew around!), and I am ready for Peppermint Mocha's and Christmas music!! WOOHOO!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

"I got TWO bottles!!" : Thanksgiving 2009

That's what Evelyn just told me when I went to "re-tuck" her into bed (she was singing to herself and sometimes has to be reminded when its time to settle down and go to sleep!). She is exhausted but still a bit amped after a very busy but fun Thanksgiving day.

We first headed to Doug's aunt Mary's to spend time with his family, and to have a birthday celebration for Evelyn. It has become a tradition that will probably be had for BOTH our kids, since it can be hard to get the whole family together this time of year besides today and Christmas.

Evelyn had SO much fun playing with her cousins. In years past she has either been too timid to be in the basement with them by herself (the boys usually set up trains or other toys in the basement to get away from us adults..heehee) or just has been attached to Doug or myself. Today, tho, she was downstairs laughing and playing trains with the boys and enjoyed every minute of it! (Of course, these pics are with Doug and his dad with the kids in the basement, but I promise most of the time she was by herself with the cousins!!)

After a lovely dinner (we tried to eat just a small portion since we were going to be eating again.. that is HARD to do!) and relaxing for a bit, it was time for presents and singing. My in-laws got her some baby doll accessories and a Grandma made her a mini-diaper bag to match the one she made me for Matthew. The two bottles were apparently the bomb, hence the comment in the title of the post!My sister-in-law's sister Erika reading the book she got for Evelyn. Its a cute book.

TWO BOTTLES!! And the mini-diaper bag looks just like the one my mom-in-law made for me... LOVE IT!

Then it was time for the birthday "pie". Here is the video of the Morris family singing the birthday song to my sweet pea.. it brings me to tears every time they sing it!

We then left Mary's and went to my mom's and ate another amazing meal there. My mom's husband's sister is in town from Florida, so it was fun to visit with her as well as my sister and family. Evelyn got more cousin time with Cole and Regan. She loves them so much.. as do we! "Grandpa Doug" (mom's husband) was the favorite for the kids tonight.. he ran them hard, played magic tricks and made them laugh hysterically. He is terrific!

Louise (L) and Mom prepping the meal...

Cole and Evelyn were so active I seriously couldn't get a decent pic.. but here they are with Grandpa Doug!

My niece Regan... look at those curls!! Love her!

ALthough it was a rather crazy day, we enjoyed every minute of it! So tonight we are SO full.. in so many ways!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bracing for Impact!

That pretty much sums up our life right now as we await Matthew's arrival! As much as we are SO excited to meet him, we also know it is going to be a life-altering event for all of us. We have been busy getting the final things done to be "ready" (not that one can EVER be ready for this kind of thing....LOL) when its "time". The nursery is done (except for finding a rug for the floor), clothes are clean, the cupboards are mostly stocked with food. We're good.. right? :/

I am 37+ weeks now. I had a bad night of contractions on Thursday night, but as both Doug and I suspected, it was just "latent" or pre-labor. This is not our first rodeo with this kind of thing. I had nighttime contractions for an entire week with Evelyn... painful!... so I knew it proabably wasn't much. I've only had a few contractions since, and thankfully in the day time!! The little dude has dropped A LOT, tho.. which is good news. At least something is going on! I know he will come when he is ready. I, of course, have some preffered times I would like him to arrive, but I know it's out of my control. My biggest concern is that he will be late. His due date is exactly one week before Evelyn's birthday. I'd rather their birthdays be a little farther apart than that. I would like to start planning a party for Evelyn, but if he is late.. its gonna cut it close. Again.. it'll be what its gonna be... right? :/

How am I feeling? One word can some it up: "uncomfortable". In many ways. I am really trying hard not to whine.. I am really SO thankful for this little baby. But seriously, I cannot wait to be able to sleep, sit, walk, eat, ANYTHING.. without being uncomfortable! :) Thankfully all of this will be quickly forgotten when I see my son's sweet face!

There isn't a day that goes by that Evelyn doesn't say, "I am SO excited for my baby brother to come!", which I think is just precious. She truly is excited.. I hope that excitement continues after he really shows up! :)

That's about all I have... I am tired and my brain is mushy. Hopefully the next time I blog I will have pics of our little man!! Stay tuned!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

I can vividly remember when we chose Evelyn Joy's name. Both Doug and I were in tears.. happy tears.. it was just "the" name for our sweet girl. No doubt, no second guessing. Evelyn means "Gives life". Gives life Joy.... she has certainly done that over the past almost 3 years!

For some reason this time around picking a name for our son has been SO hard!! It's not that Doug and I are disagreeing on names.. in fact we usually like and dislike the same ones. Finding the "one" just hasn't happened. Since Evelyn had been calling her baby brother "Bill" for the past, oh, 3 months, I was eager to pick a name so she could put that to rest. :) But nothin'. I was just praying for God to just reveal the perfect name.. more happy tears, etc. Again, nothin'.

We started getting serious about picking a few weeks ago. After careful thought and consideration.. we narrowed it to two. We both at that point knew what we were to name our son. No tears, just complete agreement and contentment. So.. after one last phone call to friends who have a older son with the same name to make sure it was okay with them (I wanted to be sensitive to that)... it was decided.

So.. without further adieu.. in a few weeks we will be so excited to meet our son:

Matthew: "Gift from God"
Donald: My amazing dad's name.. ever since he died I knew if I had a son he would have this as his middle name. It is also the name of Doug's brother, which is cool, too!

Of course, I will still want to see his face when he is born to make sure Matthew fits him, but for now we have a name. Evelyn has been very accepting of the name and it is SO cute when she calls his by his complete name. "Good Morning Matthew Donald Morris!", she will say to my belly in the morning. Precious! I think having a name has made her more excited for his arrival as well.

We invite you to pray with us for MATTHEW.. that he would continue to thrive as he prepares to make his entrance into this world in about 4 weeks. We pray he leads a long and healthy life and that he would be a man after God's own heart.

We are already so in love with our boy!!

FYI... I am NOT posting a link to this on my facebook account or announcing his name there. It's not a secret, but I wanted to post it here first AND I usually don't want to use my kids names on facebook.. just their initial. Just for privacy sake, I guess. So enjoy being one of the chosen few who know his name!! :) And thanks for reading my blog!