Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas Tree Hunting

For the past 7 years we have gone to a particular farm to get our Christmas tree. We love it there... it's nearby, they have great trees... it's perfect. Sadly last year was there last selling Christmas trees. Thankfully they will still have pumpkins in the fall, but from now on we need to find a new place to get our tree. There are several places that are in our neck of the woods, so we got up this morning hoping to get lucky and find a new "perfect" spot to get our tree.

These two... goofy and fantastic! 

Our first stop only had pre-cut trees.. and they were not cheap, so we went along to the next farm. It looked like a winner, even if it was on a steep hill. 

Getting booted thankful for the truck for outings like this!

The kids had the best time tromping around the farm, but sadly we didn't find anything we loved or wanted to spend money on. So we loaded up and went on our way...

We drove around for a while and finally ended up at Hagg's, the tree farm we used to go to before switching. We liked their trees, but they are WAY out in the toolies. 

Hagg's was really short on douglas fir trees this year, and for the first time we ended up buying a pre-cut tree. It was cut yesterday, so it's probably just fine, but not quite the same. The kids were getting hungry and tired of driving around (as were Doug and I) and thankfully they had a pretty one that we claimed as ours!

Grateful for good family photo! 

Per our tradition, we ended up at Five Guys for lunch. It was good to be done tree hunting for sure!

We spent the afternoon decorating and getting excited about the season.

My favorite little elves.... 

Silly kids!

The Little People nativity is still a hit... 10 years strong! 

Naomi got into the Christmas spirit, too. Obviously..haha!

Bringing the tree in is always a nail biter hoping it won't be too big for the space. We've had some "Clark Griswold" moments in the past! Thankfully it fit just fine. 

Our pretty tree!!

So excited it's Christmastime!!

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