Sunday, April 1, 2018


He is risen! Hallelujah! He is risen indeed!

We had a lovely day celebrating our Redeemer with family.

Since spring break was this week, finding time to get ready to host 15 people was scarce, as I wanted to have some fun with the kids. I tried not to let it stress me out, but I still ended up running around kind of crazy yesterday and today. But I had a lot of help from Doug and the kids (that included Doug getting the kids out of the house so I could get things done...haha!) and everything turned out just fine.

The kids helped me set the table this year. 
They did a great job! 

I had forgotten that I was slated to help in the nursery at church this morning! Thankfully I remembered mid week and had things prepped and ready to go yesterday so I could serve this morning and not worry about having too much to do. 

Us in our church best! :) 
I took over hosting duties from this gem, Doug's Aunt Mary. Thankfully she still helps me plan, comes early, and always brings wine. She brought champagne this year too.. and made me a lovely mimosa as I finished getting things ready to go. She's the best!

It was really chilly outside so my plan for photos with everyone outside didn't happen. Oh well.. I got one of the kids and one with mom and Doug. 
They love Aunt Mary, too!

Doug and his dad...
The moms (well, Mary is technically an aunt but she pretty much could be one of our moms, too!).

Grandma Morris brought deviled eggs! The kids were just a smidge excited about that!

Uncle Don is in the hoooooouse! :)
Morris Men
Mom's Doug was so amazing and cut the ham for me. It's a skill I need to work on for sure, and I appreciate how he let me do other hosting things and took care of it. Thanks Doug!
The whole bunch! We were a little tight but we had a lovely meal with lovely conversation.
Evelyn wanted to take my picture with dessert. :) This is my "famous" (it is a fan favorite and I am asked to make it every year) triple berry trifle. I made a gluten free angel food cake so Evelyn could eat it. I was a bit nervous about that but it turned out SO good and you really couldn't tell the difference. Thankful it turned out!

The "younger" cousins... not so little anymore! Greg will be THIRTEEN this year...yikes!
The "bigger" cousins... who really don't like their photo taken! :)
My in-laws have a computer at home but no internet. Apparently Doug showed dad something and next thing you know they were looking at old cars and stuff for over and hour!!

The weather wasn't great, but the kids still had an Easter egg hunt. Always a fun time for all those participating and those watching!

Where's Evelyn?

The big boys put silly stuff in eggs, like orange slices and spinach. It was pretty funny. 

Not to be outdone, the younger ones led the big boys on a scavenger hunt of sorts. They spent a long time planning in secret and had fun with it. The big boys were good sports and went along with it! :)

The cousins ended the afternoon with a nerf war! 

I wish I would have gotten a big group photo... but it was a lovely day with lovely people. Thankful for the opportunity to host and thankful for my family. 

Happy Easter Everyone!

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