Saturday, April 14, 2018

Play Ball!!

Another year of baseball has started. Matthew is on a new team with AMAZING coaches and is already enjoying it more than last year. Since his surgery (and working with PT) he is moving SO much better and much more agile on his feet... and he is stronger and boy, he can HIT!  It has been fun watching him have so much joy and passion at practice and at home (he plays catch with Doug or me whenever he can). 

 After three rain-outs, we FINALLY got a baseball game it today!!

My Dodger ready to go!
Coach Jerry giving the boys a pep talk.

The team played SO well together and made great plays for outs and runs. Matthew had four hits and helped make several outs (including a cool catch to end the game).  It was so great watching him play!
Coaches celebrating a huge win with their boys....
Aunt Mary came to watch her great nephew.. Matthew was happy to see her!
The game ended around dinner time so we went to Red Robin to celebrate a great first game for our boy. 

So excited for the season! Go Dodgers!!

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