Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bye Bye Spruce Tree

The giant blue spruce tree in the corner of our backyard came down yesterday!! It was a mammoth of a tree and the power company would come and chop it every so often (and do a horrible job of it, I might add) to keep it out of the wires. Every summer it would drop leaves into the pool (spiders too) and we have talked about taking it down for quite a while. After negotiating with the power company's tree people, they came and took it down... for free!! They didn't want to have to keep pruning it so it was better for them to just get rid of it! Yay!

Final photos of the tree... the kids were a bit sad to see it go but they will be fine! :) 

Down it comes!

All that's left! We will need to have someone come grind out the stump but everything else was cleaned up well. 
Where'd the tree go?

I am not a fan of these smiles... they both do it to get a rise out of me. Stinkers!!

Bye Bye tree... thanks for the memories! :)

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