Monday, April 7, 2008

Let the renovation begin.. again!

We LOVE our home. When we bought it in 2004, it needed a lot of updating (one of the reasons we got such a great deal on it!).

We first tackled the kitchen. The kitchen is one of my favorite places in ANY home, probably because I just love food!! :) Here is what it looked like when we bought it:

And the amazing after (minus the dishwasher that wasn't installed yet)... I LOVE my kitchen!!

We have also painted the exterior, redid the hardwoods upstairs that were hidden under carpet, and turned a RV carport into a shop for Doug to play with his cars. Blogger won't let me post anymore pictures right now, tho, so I can't show you!

Next up.. the basement. Other than paint that was there when we moved it, we pretty much have a clean slate... there is just concrete for floors (the laundry room has vinyl, but we're leaving that for now). The orange rug is just a old piece of remnant that was there.

Doug is taking Wednesday off and we are going to pick carpet, tile and paint. I am excited, but it sounds tiring, too! I am glad that we can only afford to do one big project a year now that I am not working outside the home.. any more would be way to stressful!

I am excited to have a nice office area and play area, along with a family room. Its a huge room with lots of potential... we are ready to take advantage of it!


Melinda said...

That is a significant undertaking. It must feel great!

Katie said...

How exciting! I love home renovation projects, there is always that wonderful feeling of accomplishment when it's finished. Plus it always feels so nice to relax after the work it done, in a fun new space. I'm can't wait to see the finished product.