Sunday, April 13, 2008

Remembering Dad, 1/20/41- 4/14/02

I can't believe it has been six years since God called you home, dad. I wish April 14th would never come again so I wouldn't have to relive the horror of that day. It all happened so fast. How I wish we had more time... much more time.

Thank you for your unconditional love for me, unwavering and always available. Thank you for teaching me to see the good in people, despite their actions or situation. Thank you for being humble, practical, and fun. Thank you... for being you!

It breaks my heart to know that Evelyn will never have one of your bearhugs, never hear any of your great stories, or learn how to shoot hoop from the best teacher of all! She would love you to bits! We look at your picture every day and she knows who her "grandpa in heaven" is.

Doug and I miss you every day, as do so many people. Oh, how I wish you were still here! Sometimes it is so hard without you. But someday we will be together again. I am certain.

To have the last full day I saw you alive be Easter Sunday is a blessing. Remembering sitting with you in church watching a tear came down your face during worship gives me blessed assurance. It is as if God knew.....

I love you so very much, dad. Your light will never dim in my heart. Rest in peace.

When I look up into the sky at night
And see a shooting star
A feeling of peace comes over me
And I know that you're not far

Why God chose you I just don't know
They say he takes the best
To live in Heaven for eternity
And enjoy a well earned rest!

But he left me down here all alone
Without a clue or hope
Of how I would live without you
I don't know how I coped

But something somewhere picked me up
And helped me to pull through
It wasn't someone here on earth
I wonder, was it you?

I know now, you watch over me
From up there on your cloud
And I'll try to do things the right way
And hope I make you proud


Anonymous said...

Thanks Steph for the beautiful poem. Dad loved all of you with all his heart and I know that he is watching over all of us and probably feeling sad that he isn't here to be the best Grandpa ever! I also feel his presence everyday and miss him so very much. He was my hero too!
I feel so blessed that he was in my life and loved me for 35 wonderful years. The comfort that he is at rest with our Lord and waitng for us to be with him gives me great consolation and peace.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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