Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Tree House

Doug has often talked with the kids about building a tree house in our big apple tree in the back yard. Last fall the "when" questions kept coming up from the kids. Doug starting answering "Well, how 'bout next spring we start working on that!"

Well.. my smart 6 year old held onto that answer and started watching the calendar. She knew when the first day of spring was, and held her dad to his promise. So.. Doug took time off over spring break and worked his tail off (as in at least 8-10 hours a day for 4 days) to build the most awesome and solid tree house for our kids. I totally married up!!

Here is a photo diary of the "big build"!

The kids in the back of the truck with some of the supplies. They were so excited!!

Doug worked so hard to build it and build it right. He also had fun, too!

Evelyn and Doug has some great times "working" together when Matthew was napping.

The floor is complete!

Little feet trying it out!

My sweet tree house babies!

Slide and rails next.. and let me tell you, that slide is fast!!

Testing it out for the first time!

Climbing up thru the trap door.. so cool!

He is excited but a bit timid of the slide!
He needed help ONCE getting into the tree house... then he had it mastered!

Sibling love...

Daddy had to try the slide out, too!

"Cheers" to the first snack up in the tree house!

We got rid of our "baby swing" and put in a big kid one. Evelyn LOVES it and can spend hours swinging.. for real!

Views from the top

The finished product.. so fun!

We look forward to many, many years of fun up in that apple tree!!

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