Friday, June 15, 2018

Field Day!

Field Day today! Matthew is always super excited for this day. Evelyn isn't as excited but was looking forward to this one in particular. The 5th grade leaders help the lower grades in the morning so Evelyn had a pretty easy day today! :) She and Ellie worked at the same station which made it fun for them both!

My two favorite Pack Leaders ready to help!

Matthew and Kellan had a blast today!

Matthew tried Ga Ga Ball for the first time and did pretty good!

Water shooter fun!
Gosh I love him!!

Matthew's class won the 2nd grade tug of war contest!
He was pretty excited about that. Well, that and the otter pop he got afterwards! :) 
My beautiful warrior princess! This is her LAST field day at Fir Grove. Sigh...
Ready to rumble! :)
Lily (next to Evelyn) is moving and today is her last day. :( We will miss her!!

Another fun Field Day in the books!

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