Saturday, June 9, 2018

Matthew's FIRST Piano Recital

Matthew started piano lessons 5 weeks ago. At his first lesson, his teacher Andrew told him that his spring recital was coming up and encouraged us to maybe go and watch so Matthew could see one and know what to expect when it was his time to participate.

Fast forward to last week, when Andrew just casually asked Matthew if he maybe would want to actually PLAY in the recital He is so impressed by how well Matthew is practicing and improving and felt like he could play two of the songs he's been working on.

To both of my and Andrew's surprise, Matthew said "sure"!!

This is just another example of how Matthew's confidence and maturity have been growing as of late.

Andrew is such a great teacher and gently talked to Matthew about gitters and what to do, etc. He prepared him well in the 10 days before the recital and Matthew practiced all. the. time. :) He was ready.

He was a bit nervous but was also excited for the recital. We got there and found out that he was going FIRST! Andrew has kids perform in order of how long they have been playing with him. While that made our boy a bit more nervous, he was also glad to be able to be done quickly.

When Andrew introduced Matthew and mentioned that Matthew had only been playing for 5 weeks or so, the crowd applauded his bravery in performing.

Then Matthew went up and played. Flawlessly. Confidently. Beautifully. We were so proud of him.

My boy...

Andrew asked that each performer bow at the end of their time. Well.. Matthew forgot that part and literally ran back to his seat, blushing amid the applause. It was pretty precious. 

Matthew really did enjoy the recital and glad he was brave and did it. 

We are too!

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