Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Story of Marshall

In the beginning of May our amazing neighborhood went on a mission to rescue a kitten.

Many of us had heard  loud meowing in the evenings for about 5 days. One neighbor finally got eyes on it and found it was a very small kitten. Seemingly abandoned or at least separated from its family, we knew we needed to catch it. Another neighbor started leaving food out for him in the evening, which he started coming around for. Many evenings several of us would try (for at least an hour) to catch him. But he was so scared and so fast (and didn't understand we were trying to help it) no one could catch him.  One paticular night we spent hours trying, in the dark even... to no avail. We all were getting concerned for this little one.

Finally after about 10 days of trying our neighbors Matt and Kelsey got the little one! He was tired and skinny and hungry but also was purring and so happy to feel safe. Poor little guy! They took him to the vet. He was only 6 weeks old and thankfully doing ok despite his ordeal.

The kids LOVE this little one! This was the day he was finally safe!

Matt and Kelsey are keeping him, and named him Marshall. He is the sweetest and mellow little guy and is adjusting well to being a part of their family.  Thankfully they live just across the street to we can go visit often!! 

Marshall today.. he's gaining weight and thriving!!

Thankful to live in a neighborhood that knows each other and can rally together to do the right thing! Marshall lives at Matt and Kelsey's, but, as they said, he is all of ours! We plan to enjoy watching him grow up in our little corner of the world!

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