Thursday, June 7, 2018

Last Baseball Game

Tonight was Matthew's last baseball game of the season. It has been such a great year of growth in both skill and confidence, and we are so proud of his play.

At the last minute we found out our last game would be at Alpenrose..main field!! What a cool place to end the season!

Final warm ups with coach Jerry

Love watching my boy play!!

He had a good game, even being hit hard by a pitch and then staying out and hitting a strong hit! We won, too.. which was awesome!
Final end of game chat with coach. 

Matthew was so fortunate to have many supporters at his games...

Aunt Mary came to almost all of them!

Jody and Lori came to some too!
So did Grandma and Grandpa Doug

Coach Jake. Such an encourager and a hard worker. He loved the boys well. 

Coach Jerry and Coach Joe. These two were AMAZING and have such a gift. Matthew's growth in skill and grit came from time with them. We couldn't have asked for better coaches for our boy!

Looking forward to next season already!! 

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