Thursday, June 14, 2018

Off to College!!

I got to go with the 5th graders to college today! :) They went on a field trip to Western Oregon University to get a little peek in to what may lie ahead for them. It was a super fun and informative time on a beautiful campus!

These two girls... love them!! I got to have them and a few others in my small group. 

The college staff met with the kids and did some small group work with them.

After that we got a tour of the campus and the kids loved learning more about college life. Most of them were very engaged and asked good questions. 

Ms. Wilson's class... these are some great kids!!
We brought our lunches but ate in one of the dining areas. 

Ev, Chaye, and AJ. Or ACE, as they call themselves. They are in an advanced math group in their class.. just the three of them. They have developed a great friendship and have pushed each other to be even better at math. I remember having a math group like that in high school... and still keep in touch with the boy and girl that were in it with me. Good stuff!!

Getting the stink eye for trying to sneak a pic! :)

These two....

When we got home from school, Evelyn spent at least an hour on the computer looking at the WOU website, at tours of their dorms, and looking at their different majors. She really loved it there and is excited to go to college someday. 

Who knows, it may be at Western!! :) 

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