Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Grade Zoo Trip

It was such a fun day going to the zoo with Matthew and his class today! While it was a bit stressful managing 4 boys on my own for 4 hours, it was overall a good time and a great time spent with my sweet boy!

School busses are cool!
My four boys for the day
Look, mom! A bear!!
Sweet baby bear getting a drink

Matthew loved the turtles!

Lunch stop.... I love my boy!!

A volunteer was outside of the elephant sanctuary showing kid a real elephant tooth. She was great with kids and the boys were mesmerized! 
Watching the elephants

This is the time of the trip where one of my boys thought it was cool to throw rocks at both the elephants and people...ugh! Needless to say he got to spend some time with his teacher. HA!
Sleeping lions....
Pink flamingos!

Silly, silly boys!!

It truly was a fun day and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed there time at the zoo. I certainly will sleep well tonight, tho!! 

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