Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oregon Trail Day 2

Day two brought the kids to the "Laramee River" to cross over. Staff set up tarps and water buckets and super soakers to challenge the kids.

The kids had to really work together and help others out to complete this task, and even then there was troubles, as you can see in this photo. Wagon down!!

Some of the girls are with child! Minley here actually gave birth to twins today!! All fake, but the idea is to make it as real life as possible. 
Me and my girl....

The kids treked along and arrived safely at Chimney Rock (set up at the middle school down the road)
Setting up camp...

Sewing lessons with the "women"

Evelyn was asked to play the part of school teacher on the trail. She did an excellent job with the "children" :)

Besties sheltering from the rain under a big tree. It rained a lot today! 

Day two finished up well. Thankfully the kids change into their costumes every day at school so their regular clothes stay nice and dry! Three more days til we make it to Oregon! :)

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