Friday, June 2, 2017

Kindergarten Chicks... Again!

We got to bring home the kindergarten chicks again this year, much to Evelyn and Matthew's delight! This year they named them Egghead and Patches. Not sure if last years chicks were smaller or weaker or what, but these two certainly are WAY louder than the ones we had last year! I was actually concerned they would keep us up with their loud "cheeping" They were cute, tho!

They loved on these two little chicks well!!

So, last year Naomi had no idea we had the chicks. She even walked by their tub a few times and didn't even flinch. It was surprising, but a pleasant surprise as I was a little concerned for their safely. This year was a whole different story!! She heard them the minute we walked in the door from school and was VERY curious. We let her get as close as the picture shows. She was pretty funny as she sniffed and watched. She really wanted to get a closer look...and maybe have a little snack! HA! 

Thankfully the chicks survived Naomi and the night at our house and we happily delivered them back to kindergarten this morning!! Phew!

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