Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Running Club

Fir Grove got a new PE teacher this year. She was excited to start some new programs, including a Running Club. Nike comes along side schools to support this club and provides fun things for the kids. Every Wednesday since early October kids would run a certain course after school. They could do the "lap" as many times as they could for the hour they had to run. Matthew was SO excited to run. It was a little surprising to me, to be honest, but let me tell you my boy has ran his heart out this year. Ran so much, in fact, that he ran a total of FOUR marathons... over 100 miles!! He looked forward to it every week and always had a smile on his face before, during and after. I couldn't be more proud of my sweet boy!

Today a little party was held for the kids who participated in running club. The kids ran one small lap and got to cross the finish line one final time.

Matthew crossing the finish line. 

Mrs. Veillgas, the PE teacher. She loved and encouraged Matthew well. I am thankful for her passion for kids' health and for her love for her students. 

Matthew is already looking forward to doing running club next year with the hope of maybe completing five marathons!! We'll see!!

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